Build Back Better: The Great Deception


By @ladykayrising

The United States has been a front runner in the advocacy for global human rights since the inception of the United Nations.  It has long occupied a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) because of its own respected and often coveted national sovereignty.   In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt was a champion for the creation and acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was drafted with our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights as a roadmap.

While not a legally binding document, the Declaration was a moral commitment to always strive to achieve and respect the rights listed therein.  Recognizing each nation bears its own culture and traditions, the Declaration sought not to impose rule over others, but to instead respect their sovereignty and encourage the creation of their own ways to self-govern with dignity and deference.  It was understood that human rights began close to home, in the world of the individual person; or else their meaning was diminished.  Not one nation spoke out against the Declaration at its inception and most signed the moral commitment.

Over the past decades though, the importance of human rights has slipped by the wayside.  The UN Human Rights Council is now riddled with hypocrisy and some of the most egregious violators of human rights now sit on that council.  In fact, the UNHRC has gone and replaced those moral obligations its members committed to strive for and has slyly replaced them with something they have titled Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.  There are 17 goals in their agenda and according to them, if we achieve these 17 goals we will save the earth which is disintegrating under our feet and live in a beautiful, one world utopia where everyone across the globe is equal and has enough to survive.  Not thrive mind you, but survive.

In order to achieve these goals, however, one must give up the majority of those unalienable rights both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution FOR the United States of America swore to always strive to protect.  These unalienable rights are replaced with what they openly call mandates.  While these mandates are imposed by many different organizations, ultimately, they are all just different tentacles of the UN.  Every organization declaring these mandates be followed, all connect right back to ground zero.

Have yourself a look into organizations such as the Lucis Trust on Philosophy and Religion (THEY are responsible for the one world religion that is to be established now that God has been stamped out of society as fastidiously as possible); or UNESCO (THEY are responsible for the one world education and more, now that we have thrust whatever was left of our education systems into the sewer); or Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (THEY are immersed in every facet of the Sustainable Development Agenda, especially the environmental frenzy exploited by Al Gore, WHO SITS ON THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES for the WEF).

You can also look into the International Monetary Fund; or the Council on Foreign Relations; or the Trilateral Commission.  Truly, I could go on and on.  See, what most Americans still don’t realize is we ALREADY have a one-world government and the United Nations sits right in the middle serving, in essence, as a Federal Government would.  Each member of the UN is called a member state.  What we face today is strangulation by those different UN tentacles as they tighten around our perfectly placed necks.

While in office, former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, created the Commission on Unalienable Rights to layout where The United States of America stood on all this underhanded trickery.  The Commission went on to create a report, the first half of which was a beautifully written rendition of how the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution FOR the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights were created.  It focused on human rights; the difference between unalienable rights and other kinds of rights; how they all work together; how they are exploited for nefarious purposes; and how they are protected by those upholding their moral commitments to their fellow humans; just to name a few.  While the entire report is one I implore every single human to read, the second part is where we get down to the nitty-gritty.

The latter half of the report discusses the hypocrisy of the members who now sit on the panel of the UNHRC and rightly questions how they can for even one moment be taken seriously when they are the most egregious violators of human rights across the globe.  It addresses the inconsistencies between the moral obligation to uphold the standard of human rights listed in the UDHR and the simultaneous adoption of their recent agenda (read Sustainable Development 2030, which is cloaked in the illusion of granting more human rights).

The report tells of the US’ attempts to work out the inconsistencies regarding the HRC, its members, and the standards being imposed upon other nations which IN NO WAY align with either our own moral standards on unalienable rights as a sovereign country or with our nation’s moral obligation to the UDHR.  It tells of our subsequent decision to leave our place on the HRC in 2018 and disengage from their entanglement with the current, deceptive UNHRC Sustainable Development agenda.

Finally, it rejects the notion that the United States cannot continue to be a frontrunner for human rights just because we do not sit on the hypocritical and deceptive UNHRC, and steps forward with our own thoughts and ideas on how to remain the leading example of unfailing respect for unalienable rights; the most important of which is to set the example by respecting and protecting those very same national sovereign and individual, unalienable rights AT HOME.

In June of 2018, the United States made our stance crystal clear.  We would not take part in the underhanded scheme to coerce nations into giving up their sovereignty.  We would continue to protect our nation and respect the foundation it was built upon, while continuing to honor our moral commitment to the UDHR we agreed to.  We would not participate in the removal of the unalienable rights of our own citizens, or any other rights without undergoing the proper democratic practice our Republic was founded on; especially under the fictitious guise of granting rights to others.  To make matters even worse for the United Nations, others began to agree.

The demoralization through ideological subversion that had weakened the fascia of our nation over the decades had not worked the way it was intended.  The United States was beginning to unravel the UN agenda.  This was not the way it was supposed to be.  All those decades of work and dedication on their part, was swirling down the drain.  What was the United Nations to do?  The war upon our country began shortly after and we stand in the thick of it this very day, like Princess Buttercup being sucked down into the depths of the quicksand pit in the middle of the fire swamp.  Yet still, so many remain totally entranced by the spell they’ve been beaten over the head with and trapped beneath.

Joe Biden ran for office on the “build back better” platform.  In case you are not aware, that is a UN slogan.  That’s right, Joe Biden ran on the camouflaged United Nations platform and you didn’t even know it.  Now, THEY are running our country.  It’s certainly not hard to figure out what else they are running.  Just a few of the others you will hear use the “build back better” slogan if you listen for it are Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau; United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; just about every Hollywood mouthpiece; the mass media; and a scary amount of large, monopolizing companies.  Justin Trudeau is even on camera speaking in front of a group of Canadians lauding China’s dictatorship and discussing how envious he is of it.  Biden met with him just yesterday.  Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

“Build back better” … It sure is catchy, right?  Sounds positive; sounds determined; sounds promising, yes?  But now, just for a moment, let’s put our thinking caps on.  What do you have to do before you can “build something back better”?  You have to tear down what is already there, don’t you?  And how exactly do you go about convincing a first-world country they need the same government as a second and third-world country?  That’s right, you don’t.  Not without knocking them down and putting them on par with those second and third-world countries first.  And how exactly do you knock down what is (or was) considered the greatest nation across the globe when you are no match for their military (even in an intentionally weakened state) and their country is well-armed?  Do you go in guns blazing and hope for the best?  No, that would be stupid; and these people didn’t get to where they are by being stupid.  The epitome of evil, undeniably.  Stupid? No, sir.

Our country has been scripted as inherently and irredeemably racist, purely as a method to divide us from within.  The idea of division has permeated every nook and cranny of our society via 6 decades (at least) of demoralization through ideological subversion.  It is a tried-and-true method used many times over to infiltrate and subvert a nation without having to lift a finger yourself.  It was brought in at the most fundamental levels through the compulsory education system and the mass media, which were both literally created to shape how people think, feel, and behave so they could push society in the direction they determine it needs to go.

In August of 2019, the New York Times went public with their 1619 Project.  It was history rewritten to frame our country as inherently and irredeemably racist, claiming slavery was the impetus for basically everything in our societal structure since.  Leading historians and professors across the country lashed out against this twisted portrayal of American history and sounded the alarm about the blatant danger which accompanies it.

Take note, those respected individuals who spoke out are NOT Donald Trump fans; they DID support his impeachment; they were NOT quiet about it; and like most institutional educators and influencers today, they are strong Democrats.  However, the dangers of what they witnessed were so horrifying, they had no hesitation speaking out against what was happening.  The 1776 Project was subsequently launched in an attempt to begin a reversal of the intense demoralization perpetrated against our country, but it would be decades before we begin to see a shift back in the direction of where we actually came from.  In a matter of two weeks, the new President had completely undone that initiative.

Framing the entirety of our country as inherently and irredeemably racist since inception through Critical Race Theory is merely one gangly limb of the demoralization through ideological subversion process that has influenced our society to give up our sovereignty and enslave ourselves.   The complexities of what they’ve managed to accomplish are nothing short of diabolical.  The division they rely upon is all-encompassing.  The lengths they went to in order to so completely deconstruct the foundation of fortitude our country was built upon is chilling.

The fight for women’s rights swung the gates WIDE open for them.  Was this a created opportunity?  Quite possibly.  Was it a capitalized upon opportunity?  Most certainly.  Women leaving the home to work was the first step to accessing our vulnerable children.  In its simplest breakdown, it often led to less stability at home, less parental involvement, and less family time.  Wages did not increase proportionally to the cost of living.  Hours away from home and family increased and school hours for children increased as well.  As the needs of two working parent households evolved, the government ever so slowly began to replace the parental units.

They infiltrated the sanctity of our homes and poisoned our most intimate relationships without us even realizing it.  They effectively drove a wedge between parents and their children.  They have driven the division so deep it penetrates our cells and obscures who we are on a visceral level.  They emasculate our male population, castrate them through biological uncertainty and then poison them to kill them off so our alpha is gone and we cannot defend ourselves.  They kill the idea of God, make us fear everything so we are willing to give up every sovereign right we have for protection, and make us view those who refuse to do so as selfish.

They invert everything so we don’t know which is up and which is down and project their own monstrous actions upon others to further warp and twist the perception of those who have not yet broken through the intricately woven matrix of illusions.  Slithering in at the most fundamental level of our compulsory school system and manipulating the mass media we devour as gospel, they permeate their way into our homes and eat away at the moral fiber which glues our society together.  They STOLE an entire generation of children, and half of another, to create their army and used them to destroy their own homes.  And that is just skimming the very surface.

Imagine that sorcery?  We are now in the 2nd and 3rd generations of the product of this psychological warfare and the fruits of their labor are paying off.  They have created their armies out of the very people they are trying to destroy and are now getting to watch them tear down their own country from the inside.  Are you understanding?  They created their army OUT OF OUR CHILDREN.  They have inverted everything so magnificently that we are upside down.

They are using the horrors of racism and slavery perpetrated against a group of people, to get those same people to unwittingly imprison and enslave themselves across the globe.  We have been psychologically manipulated to such an extreme that our freedom, our sovereignty, as both individuals and as a nation, are seen as bad and shameful and must be relinquished in order to afford others the same freedoms.  Freedoms which, are neither granted nor rescinded by any man.

You have witnessed, and perhaps even participated in, the destruction of the only sovereign nation left.  They are creating your suffering to drive their agenda with your emotions and your existence after they achieve their goals is inconsequential.  Indeed, it is thoroughly inconvenient.  When you cease their siphoning of your prana, this destruction they feed off of disappears.  Quite frankly, my dears, they don’t give a damn about you.  Stop destroying your country for them and begin creating goodness, once more.  You have forgotten what you are here to do.  It’s time to rise again.  It’s time to go #BackToBasics.