How is It Possible That So Many People Still Believe That the Earth Is Flat?

In this deep dive, we take a look at the recent flat earth phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm in the last decade. As crazy as this theory sounds, the conclusion to our investigation is equally shocking!


In the last decade, there has been a bizarre grassroots movement on the internet that’s exploded in popularity. Believe it or not, there is a growing group of people that are actually claiming that the earth is flat. I know… to most people that sounds absolutely absurd, myself included. When I first heard about flat earth I thought it was a joke. It didn’t even register to me that it could be a real thing. My initial rejection of the flat earth theory was a reflexive Pavlovian-like response that I could not even bring myself to recognize. This is a common reaction.

Despite the significant mental hurdle most people experience when they entertain such an outrageous idea, there are more and more people who have become skeptical of the sphericity of the earth. In the last few years, famous basketball players, MMA Stars, hip-hop artists, musicians, and other popular social media influencers are acknowledging that there is something to this flat earth theory, regardless of the social derision that comes with such an acknowledgment. What are we missing here? How can so many people be this delusional?

The truth is, they’re not delusional at all. The corporate media would like you to think they are but the flat-earth community has valid questions that are not being answered by anyone in a position of authority. I don’t consider myself a true flat earther, but I do see them as brothers in arms. I’m more of a heliocentric or globe skeptic, which makes me sympathetic to their cause because they are asking the right questions.

The reason I don’t consider myself a flat earther is that I have no idea what shape the entire earth is. In fact, I am less sure about the shape of the earth now than ever. I do know it is not a ball and so will you after seeing the empirical scientific evidence in this article.

Empirical Evidence & Real Science – Not Scientism & Dogma

This topic is deep and wide and replete with mental traps designed to take you nowhere. Also, you can’t wrap your mind around this idea by spending a few minutes or even a few hours looking into it. To make matters worse, today’s search engine algorithms have been sanitized so the information you are presented with will not show the many inconsistencies with the heliocentric model. Instead, you will be shown the most ridiculous videos about the flat earth topic. There are scores of what I call, “decoy videos” and bad actors meant to discredit flat-earth questions and ridicule anyone who even thinks about looking into this subject. These decoy videos are very effective and are NOT placed on the first page by accident. In many ways, it is a lot like researching and asking questions about vaccines.

There is an endless amount of disinformation on the web about the flat earth topic. For this reason, I would like to stick with empirical scientific experiments and observations we can trust and confirm using our own senses and logic. If we stray from the scientific method we will need to rely on CGI images, wide-angle lenses, compromised agencies, and convoluted, complicated, and questionable math equations that very few people in the world can even understand.

It is very easy to get caught in the weeds on this topic and there are all sorts of clever and dishonest debate tactics that are meant to distract us from the obvious truth smacking us right in the face. There are so many other moving parts to this discussion too – like the nature of space, other planets, stars, satellites, seasons, weather, air travel, NASA, moon landings, Galileo, Copernicus, Einstein, and so on.

I would like to avoid some of these topics because they lead to speculation that will only muddy the waters and ultimately not prove anything scientifically. I will also avoid the past proponents of the heliocentric model and the geocentric model. Relying on people from the past requires trust or faith and is akin to relying on the bible to prove the flat-earth model. Besides, we don’t need to get into those topics right now and many of the tertiary topics are better to address once your perspective is altered by the truth of the matter.

Again, in this article, we will avoid all these distractions and focus on the most obvious body of evidence showing the earth is not a ball. We will rely on hard science, our own eyes, and logic. We will look at the scientific evidence that is repeatable that can be practiced with today’s technology which will allow us to come to absolute conclusions. After that, we can have some fun and speculate a little.

Let’s start with the basic fundamentals and use simple mathematics and our own logic. This one series of experiments is more than enough to cast serious doubt on the heliocentric model as well as the shape of the earth.

Measuring The Curvature Of the Earth

We are told that the earth is approximately 24,901 miles in circumference and has a radius of approximately 3959 miles. Mainstream science & academia tell us the earth’s curvature can be measured by using spherical trigonometry with the Pythagorean theorem. The formula to measure the curvature on a ball the size of the earth equates to approximately 8” per mile drop squared by the distance being measured. It’s simple, right? We can just use this clear and concise math equation and we’re done, right? Wrong! This is where things start to get interesting. This basic curvature measurement experiment really cuts to the heart of the matter and is the death blow to the heliocentric model. Why? Because nobody has ever been able to find the earth’s curvature. Yes, I’ll repeat that… no matter how hard we try, we cannot measure any curvature on the earth!

Throughout history, there have been countless scientists and researchers that have been attempting to measure the earth’s curvature. These researchers have been trying for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, and no matter where they look, no one can find this elusive curvature. We hear tales of sticks and shadows telling us about the curvature but nobody has been able to physically measure it. To this day people are still trying to find this curvature and cannot! This should be a simple task yet no one can measure the curvature from the physical ground level. How can that be if the earth is a ball?!?

Not only can we not measure any curvature, but we are seeing objects off in the distance that we should not be seeing, like lighthouses and landmasses and even a city skyline that we are told is a mirage (which was easily debunked). These objects are at distances that should put them well below the curvature if we are living on a ball 25,000 around. Again, how can this be??

This glaring and inconvenient fact about the heliocentric model is a showstopper. Case closed! How can we honestly think the earth is a ball when we cannot physically find any curvature? A ball is mathematically ALL curvature by definition yet we cannot measure curvature anywhere?! Just think about that. And please don’t tell me NASA shows us images because now we are leaving the realm of science into the world of fiction – and don’t worry – I’ll get to NASA later.

The curvature of the earth is not insignificant and would be impossible to miss unless the earth was 1000 times larger than we are told, which is not the case. As an example, at just 30 miles out, the curve should drop over 600 feet. The further the distance the more exponential the drop becomes too. At 50 miles out the drop is over 1600 feet.

To get a better idea of what the earth’s curvature should look like, below are some examples of the drop rate per mile we should be seeing but are not. So in theory, there would be a bulge in between the two chosen points representing the curvature of the earth over long distances preventing a clear line of sight. But that is not what we are seeing.

Distance Curvature
1 mile 0.00013 miles = 0.67 feet
2 miles 0.00051 miles = 2.67 feet
5 miles 0.00316 miles = 16.67 feet
10 miles 0.01263 miles = 66.69 feet
20 miles 0.05052 miles = 266.75 feet
50 miles 0.31575 miles = 1667.17 feet
100 miles 1.26296 miles = 6668.41 feet
200 miles 5.05102 miles = 26669.37 feet
500 miles 31.5336 miles = 166497.53 feet
1000 miles 125.632 miles = 663337.65 feet

High Altitudes– The earth’s curvature is not detectable at high altitudes either. And I’m not talking about official NASA images that use CGI, fish eye, or wide-angle lenses to make it appear that there is a curve. I’m talking about independent researchers’ raw and unedited images who do not use CGI or wide-angle lenses. It’s simply nowhere to be found. Some of these amateur films are even taken at higher altitudes than the official film that does show curvature, again, using wide-angle lenses or CGI.


Horizon at Eye Level – There is also another unexplained phenomenon we see at high altitudes. The horizon always stays at eye level. This is physically and mathematically impossible on a ball, no matter how big the earth is. The horizon should always drop when we rise above a ball.

Over 70% of the earth is covered with water. In our daily life, we see that water is always level. There are never any exceptions to this. What about large bodies of water? Did you know that we have never measured any significant curvature on large bodies of water… Ever? It is not for the lack of trying either. In every single case, water always seeks and settles to its lowest level and lays flat. In fact, the properties of water are so predictable that we use it in modern tools (levels) to make sure construction projects are true all over the world.

There is not one credible experiment that I have ever seen (and I’ve searched for years) that shows any significant curvature on any large body of water. And, no, boats do not disappear over the horizon either in case you were wondering. If the earth is over 70% water, how is it possible that we cannot find any curvature on any large bodies of water? We should be able to detect curvature almost everywhere on earth yet we cannot find it anywhere. How is this possible if the earth is a ball?

Convex Earth – 100% Scientific Experiments Cannot Find Any Curvature!

In 2011 a group of independent Brazilian researchers called, Dakila Research set out to find the curvature of the earth using the latest technological equipment. The researchers performed dozens of different experiments over a 7-year period using state-of-the-art equipment including high-powered photography, telescopes, high-powered lasers, radio waves, and the latest geodesic survey equipment. The results shocked the team.

In 2018 they published their findings and made a documentary film called Convex Earth (above) illustrating 7 of the more important experiments they conducted. Guess what? None of the experiments they performed could detect any curvature! So a modern team of researchers using the latest equipment could not find any curvature on the earth over a 7-year investigation??? Just think about that.

I will say it again, how can conclusively say we live on a ball when we cannot even measure the curvature on the ground (or water) under our own feet with today’s technology?!

One of the most interesting findings to come out of the seven-year-long investigation was that the team believe they found a new continent beyond our known realm. The researchers sent up high-altitude balloons with cameras and other various testing equipment and discovered a land mass beyond Antarctica that did not appear on any of our maps. This finding coincides perfectly with what US Navy Admiral Byrd told us in 1954 about an unknown continent beyond Antarctica. More on this later.

At the end of the documentary, the team constructed a real-life scaled-down topographical model of what they found the earth to look like, and it’s quite fascinating. This image can be seen in the thumbnail of the video above as well as in the documentary itself. It is worth noting that the team of researchers subsequently won an award for their work on the film, Convex Earth.

Lack of Curvature– The fact that we cannot detect or prove the curvature of the earth at a fundamental level is a fatal blow to the heliocentric model. While this does not prove what shape the entire earth is, it’s safe to assume it is not a ball. It is for this reason alone that I remain skeptical about the official version we are taught about our world, and until someone can show me the curve, I will remain skeptical. Here are some more questions to think about…


Gravity – Did you know that gravity is just a theory? When I first looked into this topic, I thought that gravity was a static law of the universe carved in stone – an absolute truth. It’s not. Gravity is a theoretical hypothesis, which means it cannot be reproduced in a scientific setting, and in plain English, it’s a best guess backed by (dogmatic) consensus, not absolute proof. It is interesting because the same group of researchers from the film Convex Earth did some experiments testing the validity of gravity and came to the conclusion that it does not exist either!

We are told that gravity is strong enough to hold millions of tons of water to a ball that is spinning a thousand miles an hour yet weak enough to allow birds to fly and large objects like helium balloons, blimps, and clouds weighing over a million pounds to float freely in the air. Does that make any sense?  What makes a lot more sense is the theory of density, which means the densest object in relation to the medium it’s held in descends fastest. There is a lot more to density but that’s a topic for another article.

Why Do the Sun and Moon Appear So Close to the Earth? We are told that the sun is 93 million miles away from the earth. In fact, the heliocentric model is invalid if the sun is not 93 million miles away. We are told the moon is approximately 230,000 – 240,000 miles away from earth. If that is the case, why do the sun and moon both seem so close at certain times? There is plenty of amateur videos that show the sun and moon nestled in the clouds within our atmosphere.

In the embedded video above there are six interesting reasons to question the sun’s distance from the earth. Here are a few: How can we see the sun and moon so close to clouds in our own atmosphere? There is even video footage showing the sun under the cloud canopy. The sun also produces crepuscular rays when behind cloud cover. That is impossible if the sun is 93 million miles away. All sun rays should be parallel and never crepuscular or splayed like we see. This is obviously not conclusive evidence of a flat earth but it does poke gigantic holes in the heliocentric model.

Flat Earth Censorship – If the flat earth topic is so ridiculous, why do Google and YouTube censor true flat earth researchers and promote controlled opposition? When you search for flat earth videos using Google or YouTube, (and most other search engines) the search results that return are either corporate media sourced, or the most ridiculous videos to make it appear that flat earth has no credibility, or they are videos that ridicule the whole subject without ever mentioning the fact that we have never been able to measure the curvature of the earth. This is very telling in and of itself. But it wasn’t always like this. Ten years ago, credible researchers asking tough questions about the heliocentric model were strongly represented in the YouTube algorithms. That changed as the movement started to explode and chip away at the heliocentric narrative. Now just like everything else that is controversial, big tech suppresses credible flat earth in their algorithms. If you want to look into flat earth I would suggest you use Bitchute.

NASA- One of the major red flags I found early on in my research was that NASA has been caught faking the earth’s images over and over again. Did you know that one of the only real images of the earth from the Apollo missions was actually in low earth orbit and faked to make it look like the earth was a ball? The astronauts were caught manipulating the image of the earth using the circular window in their craft to make the earth appear to be a ball. Why would they need to do that?

Then there is the famous “Earthrise” image of the earth from 1968 from the moon that was proven to be faked too. Why did they feel the need to fake these images? The truth is that NASA has been caught faking images of the earth more times than Joe Biden’s been caught sniffing small children.

Did you know NASA only uses CGI images when they produce/present pictures of the earth? This is not a secret and NASA openly admits this. They tell us that satellites in earth’s orbit cannot get far enough away from the earth to take full images so they use a sort of ribbon technology or software to recreate a composite image of the spherical earth. Fair enough. Makes sense. However, why are the continents vastly different sizes from one year to the next? Nasa has also been caught photoshopping clouds in the earth images with the exact same patterns, proving it’s fake. Why all the fakery?


With the budget that NASA receives every year, (over 20 billion in 2023) why can’t we send an unmanned craft to the moon with a REAL video feed that can take full images of the earth? Instead, we get fake videos like this one. In fact, you could show a live feed of the earth and I’m sure large corporations would sponsor a project like this in droves. “Moon Vision” is brought to you by Google, Pfizer, and Raytheon. That would shut up all the flat earthers once and for all. Instead, we get a CGI feed that is obviously fake. Why fake so many images of the earth?

International Space Station – Most of the public is not aware of the fact that NASA uses the latest technological tools to fake the International Space Station. There are hundreds of videos on the web that break down in great detail how they fool the public into thinking this station is in orbit when in fact it’s more probably a studio here on earth.

Did you know that there are over a dozen research papers published by NASA that admit that the earth is flat and non-rotating?  

Did you also know there are a total of 44 Different Official Government Documents admitting the earth is flat and motionless?

Why Lie About The Shape of The Earth? There are several explanations that people in the flat earth community give as to why the powers that be would hide the shape of the earth. Some say it is to diminish God’s existence because once you realize that we are the center of the universe, you also realize that the earth was created by intelligent design. Some say it is to minimize the human race as nothing more than a spontaneous accident. These reasons certainly make sense but I see a far more important reason to deceive us and why they must hide it at all costs.

The Real Reason They Hide The Shape Of The Earth- This is just speculation of course because the Antarctic Treaty makes it impossible to fully explore Antarctica, but as the group of independent researchers discovered in 2018, there is more land beyond Antarctica that we are unaware of and the powers that be do not want us knowing this. This discovery is corroborated by distinguished US Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd back in 1954. Admiral Byrd led four separate expeditions to Antarctica for the US Navy and what he reported was nothing less than astounding.

Most people do not know that Admiral Byrd told the world on national TV that there was a large landmass beyond Antarctica “that is as big as The United States that has never been seen by a human being” and replete with vast resources. This was a well-respected US Navy Admiral considered at the time as one of the world’s greatest explorers saying this on a major network on national TV in 1954. If anyone would know what was beyond Antarctica’s giant walls of ice it would be Admiral Byrd.

It appears that the Admiral went off script when making this claim. It was the first and last time we ever heard that from Byrd. He died a few years later before he could explore this new continent. In recent years there has been a campaign to discredit and ridicule the Admiral. As I mentioned earlier in the article, Admiral Byrd’s account of the land beyond Antarctica coincides with the group of independent researchers from 2018 findings. Why are we not investigating this explosive claim? Because if we do the whole illusion comes apart.

The Antarctic Treaty System – Shortly after Admiral Byrd told us there were lands beyond Antarctica, the Antarctic Treaty was created and signed by 12 countries at the time. It is one of the longest-lasting treaties and has never been broken. Keep in mind, this treaty was signed at the height of the cold war. There are several reasons given as to why the Antarctic treaty was created but the most important goal the treaty achieved was to restrict travel in Antarctica. As a result, independent civilian researchers cannot go beyond the 60th latitude and freely explore the mysterious continent. 

Is Antarctica a Continent or a Border? Unlike all the pictures you see that misrepresent what flat earthers think the earth looks like, (with ships sailing off the edge) the flat earth community believes that Antarctica is not a continent but a ring (below the 60th latitude) around the earth that holds the earth’s oceans like a giant container. The image that flat earthers use have some basis to them. It is a mix between the azimuthal equidistant map and the Gleason map. Incidentally, the UN Flag has the same map as its logo as well as many other government agencies. See image below.


The True Purpose of Heliocentrism – What the heliocentric or globe model does so effectively is, that it mentally isolates us from any land beyond our known realm. The public cannot question something they don’t even know exists. In addition to that, if the earth is not a planet, (an isolated ball flying through space) then by definition it must be connected to more land. This has profound implications and would dramatically alter the true nature of our reality. This is why this powerful mental heliocentric construct is physically reinforced by the Antarctic Treaty. They cannot stray from the heliocentric model because if they do, the entire illusion gets exposed. The gig is up! That is why it is so important to protect it at all costs.

Heliocentrism is Dying a Slow Death By a 1000 Cuts – The corporate-owned media, scientists, and academia want us to believe that the heliocentric model is “settled science” and if you believe otherwise you are a science denier, flat earther, conspiracy theorist, and just plain stupid. The truth is, the heliocentric model is far from settled science and in fact, has more holes in it than Dick Cheney’s hunting partner. Heliocentrism has been suffering a slow death by a thousand cuts and simply cannot withstand any real scrutiny. The heliocentric theory is so convoluted that it must be exhausting to keep trying to defend it over all these years.

How Did This Whole Flat Earth Thing Get Started Again? 100 years ago people were still openly questioning the heliocentric model and the shape of the earth. When NASA was formed in the late 1950s and subsequently started to show images of a ball earth, (fake) the whole flat earth movement was stopped dead in its tracks. They finally had images to shut up anyone who questioned the heliocentric model. So what started its recent revival in the last decade?

The Principle – In 2014, Robert Sungenis PhD. and veteran film producer, Rick Delano released the documentary film called “The Principle.” The film set out to end the age-old debate about which theory is more likely, heliocentrism or geocentrism.  The film was well-made, very popular, and highly controversial. The documentary basically exposed how weak the heliocentric model is. In the film, mainstream scientists, astrophysicists, and cosmologists are unable to put forth conclusive evidence to support the heliocentric earth model. What the film actually showed was how unsettled the science was surrounding the heliocentric model. In fact, it’s difficult to come away from this film thinking the heliocentric model is not fraught with suppositions and false assumptions.

The Principle Under Attack – After the release of the film, the producers were viciously attacked by the corporate media machine and academia. They were called every name in the book. Even though the producers of this film did not subscribe to the flat earth theory they were called, flat earthers, science deniers, and even Holocaust deniers. The reaction from the scientific community was so over the top it was almost laughable. It was a typical case of, the lady doth protest too loudly, methinks. The establishment was clearly rattled by the film and as the producer put it, we pissed off some powerful people. The scientists and actors in the film were under the same pressure so said they were unaware of what type of film they were participating in – and were tricked by the producers. The producers of the film proved that was not the case, but they were still under enormous pressure. They had clearly hit a nerve by questioning the heliocentric narrative in such an effective way.

Flat Earth & The Principle – So what does this have to do with how the recent flat earth movement was started? Computer code and linguist expert, Clif High has stated on more than a few occasions that the flat earth movement was a psyop that came out of the D ring in the Pentagon. This is obviously highly speculative, but I believe the powers that be seeded the internet with the “flat earthers are stupid memes” to counteract the findings from the film, The Principle. A decade ago, flat earth really wasn’t popular. In the years following the film’s release was when flat earth started to become an internet sensation.

The term flat earther has been weaponized and is used much like the words science denier, conspiracy theorist, or anti-vaxxer. These terms are pejoratives meant to discredit and ridicule anyone who questions the official narrative. The term flat earther was quickly deployed to discredit the film’s conclusions. The problem with the film, The Principle is that it was so effective in casting doubt about the heliocentric model that it became a genuine threat to the official narrative. This is why they were so viciously & unfairly attacked.

While the attack on the film was somewhat effective, the flat earth psyop that Clif High mentioned also helped popularize people like Eric Dubay, a popular YouTuber who had credible evidence that the heliocentric model was even more flawed than what the film showed. So it was like a double edge sword for the powers that be. As the term flat earth became more popular, more people started seeing videos made by people like Erik Dubay. As the flat earth movement grew, millions of people were now questioning our reality and the movement started to explode. Fast forward to today and now they are doing everything in their power to discredit this movement.

This map is rumored to be ancient in origin but that has not been verified by any reliable measure of provenance. I added this map, not as proof of a flat earth, but rather to give the reader a better sense of the enormity of the implications we may be dealing with if we are not a spinning ball flying through space.

Flat Earth Implications – The implications of the earth not being a ball (planet) also means that we are not some individual civilization, space locked from other lands. If we are not a planet flying through space, what are we living on and what is our realm connected to? What is beyond Antarctica? These are profound questions! I don’t think we can even imagine the reverberations such an idea would have on our social order. Think about what these revelations would do to an already waning public trust in our governments. That is why the heliocentric model must be protected at all costs. But more and more people are catching on to this lie.

Further Research – I have presented only a small fraction of the information surrounding flat earth in this article. The sheer volume of information needed to address all of these other topics I mentioned earlier is not possible to include in one article. There are several credible people who are still actively exposing this grand deception who address all of the topics I mentioned and more. Eric Dubay is one of them. David Weiss from Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole is another. Jeranism & Globebusters are two more that come to mind. A few years ago there were several popular videos that covered every aspect of the flat earth subject as well as many other topics. The video creator is named Ewaranon. The first is called, What On Earth Happened? and it’s over 8 hours long. The second one is over 5 hours long and it illustrated some fascinating speculation regarding our true history. The name of the film is called, The Lost History of the Flat Earth.  Here is another good video called, The Truth is Hidden In Plane Sight & Heliocentric Absurdities. As I mentioned earlier, this is not a subject that can be researched in a few hours or even weeks. It will take many hundreds of hours to address all the related tertiary topics. Happy Hunting!

Final Note: Often in our society, the ones who are criticized the loudest and hated most are just the ones willing to ask uncomfortable questions first, and then willing to acknowledge the unsettling truth before everyone else.

Remember, Question Everything!

A special thanks to all those brave enough to shoulder the extreme criticism, attacks, and ridicule in order to expose one of the world’s biggest lies!