Is Free Energy Possible In 2023? The Liberty Engine: Perpetual Free Clean Energy Generator

Energy production is the lifeblood of any advanced society. We use energy in every facet of our life. What would happen if someone came up with a way to generate energy for free? It's almost impossible to imagine all the new possibilities it would open up for humanity.


Are we heading into a new era of free clean energy for humanity? The production of free energy in the world would have so many implications for our social order It’s difficult to imagine. Energy is used in just about every single aspect of modern society. If the folks at Liberty Engine can refine and publish the plans for their new prototype it could have a profound effect on the future of energy production in the world. Hopefully, this technology won’t be suppressed as so many other forms of alternative energy have been in the past. Maybe they should publish the plans and this open source this prototype before it can be acquired and shelved.

The Liberty Engine Project:

After a long time of research and development, we have created the new “Liberty Engine 2.0”. This new free, free, and infinite energy generator is made with microwave transformers and a 220v motor and doubles the power of its previous model. We have also added a rotor with a special alloy to eliminate Eddy currents, and thus, eliminate magnetic braking when connecting electrical charges.
In order for the voltage output to be 110 volts instead of 230 volts, we must manufacture it with microwave transformers and a 110-volt motor.
00:00 Introduction
00:27 Microwave transformer modification
01:07 Manufacture of the rotor
03:35 Fabrication of the structure
05:31 How to center the rotor
08:16 First test run
13:39 We disassemble the motor so that they can see that there are no hidden batteries
15:25 Completion of assembly details
16:50 We paint the structure
17:51 Functional test of the LEDs
17:58 Complete assembly of the “Liberty Engine”
25:32 Explanation of operation
26:24 Basic performance test
27:13 Outdoor test

The Liberty Engine Project

I could not find the Liberty Engine website but the description On their YouTube page (linked above) is as follows: Next-generation energy devices for the human race. * The Liberty Engine instructions are limited at the moment, so you can’t replicate it yet. * * Our inventions aren’t for sale. Don’t ask us to sell you any devices *