What Is The Red-Pill Media & Why Are They So Important For Our Future?


The Red-Pill Series

This article is the third and final installment of what I’m calling, The Red-Pill Series. This series is meant to expose new ideas to broader mainstream audiences and to highlight the Red-Pill Media, who have been mostly responsible for the great awakening we’re currently experiencing. Each part is meant to stand on its own, but reading the entire series provides a better context for each article.

Part one of the series is titled, “The Corporate Media Is Weaponized Infotainment Meant to Control Us.” In the first part, I go into extensive detail about the many negative influences that make up the corporate media and how it’s being used to control Americans. Part two in the series is titled, ” Are Americans Really Free, or Just Free Range Tax Slaves Trapped in a Matrix?”

In the second part, I take a critical and in-depth look at what it means to be free in America. I show compelling evidence and many examples of how our current system enslaves the majority of Americans, just like in the film The Matrix. Part two was also the inspiration for the term “Red-Pill Activist.” Last but certainly not least, you’re reading part three in the series, which is about The Red-Pill Media. I will link the series at the bottom of each page for easy reference.

What Is a Red-Pill Activist?

Red-Pill Activist is not a common term, and I may be the first to use it in this context. The word “red-pill” comes from the famous scene in The Matrix Movie. In the movie, Morpheus gives Neo a choice of taking the red-pill where he will go further down the rabbit hole to learn the truth of his existence, or the blue pill and wake up in bed and remember nothing. If you’ve never seen the film, I give a summary of The Matrix in part two of the series. Red-pill or red-pilling is a more common term used to describe someone’s awakening to a new truth or old lie.

Due to the lack of terminology to accurately characterize our current circumstances and the people I’m about to present in this article, I came up with the term red-pill activist. We can call them the new media or alternative media, but I thought those terms were too broad. Red-pill activists perfectly described the men & women who are systematically destroying the illusion of freedom that most of us have been programmed to believe since we were children. As so many people are now learning, nothing is what it seems.

Why Are They So Unique?

There are many different kinds of activists in the world, but, red-pill activists are unique because they’re exposing people to information that can help us transcend our petty differences and unite our populace around larger ideas. There are many deceptions and hidden agendas at play that affect everyone, not just one particular group. These hidden and not so hidden agendas range from political and social to more abstract ideas like the true nature of our reality and the quantum forces that govern our physical realm.

Red-pill activists are expanding our awareness about crucial issues by exposing these hidden agendas. There are many other traits that make red-pill activists so unique. Red-pill activists are free thinkers not bound by the limits of conventional wisdom. They are curious but skeptical and aren’t afraid to question the corporate media narrative or our society’s long-held dogmatic beliefs. They know we are being deceived and manipulated and have a strong urge to find out the truth and spread the word to others.

Their minds are open to all possibilities, but more importantly, they’re critical thinkers who question everything. They instinctively lean towards individual freedom, and they despise group-think. They use information itself to create change in the world, and they’re very effective at what they do. But there is much more to them than that. I will present several real-world examples and try to make the case on why it is so important to support them.

Why Are Red-Pill Activists So Important?

The corporate media controls just about everything we see and hear. They profoundly influence many of the decisions we make in life about essential issues. Unfortunately, the media has become weaponized infotainment and cannot be trusted to guide us in these critical decisions. The corporations that own the media have also made it extremely difficult for people to find alternative information about controversial topics. Independent thought is no longer a Google search away.

The big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Youtube have monopolized human connectivity and are suppressing information that’s not in line with the establishment narrative. The average person is too busy or distracted with the struggles of life and will not spend the time it takes to dive down the many rabbit holes to discover the truth on any given subject. So by default, they come under the spell of corporate media programming.

Red-pill activists spend countless hours diving down these holes, analyzing information, and waking people to the truth about our reality. Unfortunately, we seldom recognize them as having the same value in our society as a traditional social entrepreneur does. I see enormous value in their service!

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In my opinion, one of the biggest obstacles we face as a nation is the corporate media monopoly and the corporatocracy it protects. They have done more to misinform people and sow discord in America than any other institute in our country. This behavior is not by accident. A divided, distracted, dumbed-down, misinformed (or programmed) populace is much easier to control. A self-sufficient, critical thinking society is impossible to control.

Red-pill activists are exposing the false corporate media narrative and many other deceptions taking place in our country. While the corporate media seek to divide & control us, red-pill activists are helping millions break free from corporate media programming. At the very least, red-pill activists provide a much-needed counterbalance to the corporate media monopoly. We will never be able to fix the problems we face if we are not able to identify them and the real underlying causes accurately.

The Old Media Model Is Broken

The corporate media business model is inherently flawed. It’s rife with commercial conflicts of interests, hyper-partisan political bias, and many other manipulative influences. Fortunately, in the last two decades, the internet has given birth to a renaissance of citizen journalists and social influencers who are making it their full-time occupation to research events happening in the world. They’re passionate about what they do and spend much of their time critically analyzing all of the information we are presented.

Most of these new journalists operate on small budgets and are funded through their audience. Some have small sponsors, affiliate programs, and use merchandise revenue to support their shows. The important thing is, they’re not sponsored or owned by corporations like traditional media outlets. This dramatically reduces any conflict of interest and gives them editorial freedom. This freedom lets them explore topics that are off-limits to corporate-sponsored “journalists” in the legacy media.

Red-pill activists take their work and reputation very seriously. They know if they ever tried to fool their audience (like the corporate media monopoly does daily), it could ruin years of hard work building their following. Red-pill activists are not doing this for money or fame. They do it because they have a burning desire or moral obligation to wake people up to the hidden agendas continually being forced upon us. They are real people with integrity who genuinely care about our freedom and the future of our country.

Red-pill activists are some of our boldest and bravest patriots. They are our digital soldiers on the frontline of the psychological war being waged on human consciousness. While their conclusions may not always be correct, they have far more integrity than any nightly newscaster reading off their pre-approved script or pundit paid by corporations or special interest groups. The red-pill media model is simply not compromised in the ways that the corporate media is. The red-pill media is far more accurate, informative, and interesting too.

Meet The Red-Pill Media 


James Corbett of The Corbett Report

James Corbett is an award-winning journalist and founder of The Corbett Report. The Corbett Report is a listener-supported alternative news source that operates on open source intelligence principles. Corbett discusses essential topics with a lighthearted matter of fact approach. No fear porn. Corbett’s reporting is well researched and well-sourced. His oratory skills are precise, as is his analytical skills. Corbett delves into all the controversial topics and provides his unique perspective and done with the professionalism of a veteran network anchor. Many may have seen his viral video that explains the events of 9-11-2001 in under five minutes. If not, it is a must-see.

The Corbett Report covers geopolitical news, hidden agendas, institutional corruption, and all the controversial subjects that the legacy media won’t touch. Over the last decade, Corbett has singlehandedly woken millions (myself included) to the many deceptions being perpetrated on humanity and has contributed so much to the truth movement. In my opinion, The Corbett Report is hands down one of the best news sources in the alternative media space. From the quality of his content to his rational analysis of relevant topics (done with a professionalism that everyone in this space should strive for), Corbett is an enormous asset in the information war we are fighting.


James O’Keefe – Project Veritas

James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas has done more for investigative journalism in the last decade than all of the network news outlets combined. O’Keefe and his team are guerrilla journalists who go undercover and record insiders telling about institutional corruption. In 2019, Project Veritas launched a new campaign called “Be Brave, Do Something,” in which they put out a call inviting insiders at organizations to come forward and blow the whistle on corruption. It was a big success.

Just recently, Project Veritas exposed the ABC news cover-up of the three-year-old Jeffrey Epstein story. They have also had insiders of many other major media networks come forward, revealing their political bias and how it affects the news. O’Keefe and his team have exposed millions of people to the hypocrisy and corruption in the media and the government. Project Veritas’ list of accomplishments is too many to list. James Okeefe was invited to the White House and even recognized by the president. Project Veritas is another enormous asset in the information war we are fighting.


Candace Owens – Blexit

Candace Owens is an outspoken political commentator, political activist, and co-founder of the Blexit Movement. Owens had an encounter with the corporate media years ago during her Kickstarter campaign, which forced her to re-examine her ideology. This encounter led Owens down her path of self-discovery. She now helps others do the same. The Blexit Movement is a play on words that came from the term Brexit. The idea behind Blexit is, the democratic party’s policies have been detrimental to the black community.

Owens and co-founder Brandum Tatum are exposing the world to the results of the hollow promises made by the democratic party over many years. Owens is a courageous and remarkable young woman who shines a very bright light on the hypocrisy of the mainstream victim narrative and identity politics. She illustrates with facts and figures why liberal policies are hurting Americans, not helping them. Affectionately known as “Red Pill Black,” Owens has woken so many to the hypocrisy of the far left – and that the media cannot be trusted. Candace Owens is a voice of reason in a time when it’s desperately needed.


Sean From SGT Report

Sean from SGT Report is a prolific Youtuber with a large & loyal following. Because of the controversial nature of the subject matter he covers, Sean chose to remain anonymous. Sean has been on YouTube for over ten years and has well over a half of million subscribers. I came across Sean’s channel after watching his viral micro-doc, “The Madness of a Lost Society,” in 2010 and have been following him ever since.

Sean conducts several interviews a week with interesting, knowledgeable guests that provide his audience with their unique insight. Sean covers finance, world events, and many other controversial topics that you’ll never hear from traditional media sources. Sean is a strong advocate for free speech and freedom itself, which is an underlying theme in his broadcasts. He is a true patriot and an important voice in the truth & liberty movement.


Corey Lynn – Corey’s Digs

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who does deep-dive research on many different controversial subjects. Lynn leaves no stone unturned, and her research is both complex and comprehensive. She delves into many uncomfortable yet extremely important issues and publishes extensive, well-sourced reports on her website.

She also encourages her audience to “Dig” and even provides resources & tools that can help them. On her website, subscribers can contact her with relevant information or tips, which is like a form of open-source news research. The only problem with Corey Lynn is there is only one of her when we need a few thousand more of her. Hopefully, some of our readers will find inspiration in Lynn’s work and become “diggers” themselves.


Del Bigtree – The HighWire – Informed Consent Action Network

Del Bigtree is an award-winning producer and the host of the popular talk show, The HighWire. He is also the founder of the non-profit group, The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). The HighWire and ICAN focus on exposing the fraud taking place within the medical industry, government health agencies, and the corporate media.

Bigtree spent over a decade as a producer on shows like Dr. Phil and The Doctors. During a routine investigation into the story of a whistleblower, (Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the Center for Disease Control, which Dr. Thompson and his co-workers destroyed evidence linking vaccines to a 300% increase in autism) Bigtree discovered the rampant corruption taking place in the medical industry and the corporate media’s refusal to cover the story. This same investigation is what thrust Bigtree into the controversial vaccine debate.

He then went on to produce the wildly popular and very controversial film, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe. Vaxxed is a powerful & heartbreaking film that chronicles the many vaccine injuries happening today that our health officials refuse to address adequately. Bigtree is a strong proponent of medical freedom, vaccine safety, and a brave soldier on the frontline of the information war against the people.

Tim Pool – Tim Cast – Subverse News

Tim Pool – Timcast- Subverse News

Tim Pool is an accomplished, award-winning journalist and social commentator. He is also one of the most prolific content creators in the alternative media space. He is a self-taught journalist and seems to eat, breathe, and live the news. Pool produces multiple videos each day and publishes on several YouTube channels and his podcast for his millions of subscribers. Pool has covered stories all over the world, and his work has been picked up by many major publications. He is also the founding member of Vice News.

Pool recently started an alternative news site called Subverse News, which is less opinionated straight forward news. Pool covers politics and a variety of other topics. His coverage is very fair, and he is not afraid to call out either side of the aisle. It’s also worth noting that when everyone in the corporate media falsely reported the Covington indecent, Pool was the only one who got the story right. Between all of his channels, Subverse News, and voluminous content Pool produces every day, there is no reason ever to watch the corporate media ever again. Pool’s coverage is far more accurate and fair.


Tiffany Fitzhenry – Hollywood Whistle-Blower

As we’ve seen in recent years, industry whistleblowers are so crucial because they give us valuable insight into opaque organizations or industries. When it comes to opaque industries, Hollywood is at the top of the list. Tiffany Fitzhenry is a former Hollywood screenwriter turned whistleblower and public speaker. Her firsthand knowledge about the inner workings of tinsel-town is both fascinating and disturbing.

From her unique perspective, she discusses the importance of storytelling and how Hollywood profoundly influences our culture. She claims there are “hidden hands involved in crafting the content coming out of Hollywood” that fundamentally shapes popular culture. She tells us of the hierarchical control mechanisms in place and the ties between our intelligence agencies and the film industry.

Fitzhenry was in the belly of the beast and came out with her soul still intact, and now she’s telling her story to the world. There is a new documentary that was just released called Out of The Shadows. The film is about the inner workings of Hollywood and corroborates Fithenry’s story quite well. The reason Fitzhenry’s story (and Out of The Shadows) is so important because most people are not aware of the cultural programming done through the entertainment industry.


An0maly – Rapper, Poet, Truth Seeker

An0maly is a popular social commentator and hip hop artist who uses logic, reason, and music to red-pill his audience. An0maly takes a very fair and pragmatic approach towards his commentary on politics and world events. He is not tethered to any political party or ideology and not afraid to question the corporate media’s false narrative. An0maly is another prolific content creator and puts out a new video commentary almost daily. He has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers who appreciate his common sense approach to the subject matter he covers. He, too, is a voice of reason in a time when it’s desperately needed.


Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden is the best selling author and researcher of another kind of matrix, or as he calls it, “The Divine Matrix.” He describes the Divine Matrix as a living interactive quantum field or, “the stuff that our world is made of” that responds to our emotions and intentions. His work takes a more scientific and spiritual approach to what many know as the law of attraction. He uses quantum science and studies ancient texts to explore how this field operates. Braden spent the early part of his life working as a problem solver for fortune 500 companies like Martin Marietta Aerospace, Philips Petroleum, and Cisco Systems.

Over the last twenty years, Braden has visited the most remote places on earth, seeking ancient wisdom through forgotten texts to get a better understanding of our universe and the unseen forces that govern it. In this video, he describes how an inoperable tumor is dissolved in under three minutes by using only the power of thought. Braden’s more recent work continues to focus on human potential but also solutions to society’s challenges. He discusses how we can move forward more sustainably through ideas like decentralization and localized economies. What makes Braden’s work so special is he is one of the few people in alternative media space whose work is exclusively focused on human potential and solutions to our broader challenges. Braden presents powerful information and explains it in an easy to understand way.


Ralph Smart – Infinite Waters

Ralph Smart is a popular Youtuber with nearly 2 million subscribers. Smart red-pills his audience in a positive and empowering way. He fully acknowledges the darkness in the world but focuses on how to overcome the fear-based mind control we are constantly bombarded with. We should be careful not to spend too much energy hating the corruption and deception taking place in the world. Instead, we should just accept it as part of human nature. There will always be greedy, power-hungry, control freaks in this world. Let’s not elevate their status by calling them elites. There is nothing elite about these people, and in fact, they’re society’s real parasites and undesirables.

While it’s imperative to shine a bright light on the negative aspects of our world, we shouldn’t dwell on it or give it too much of our attention or energy. Getting caught up in the daily doom and gloom fear porn can be very disempowering and leave us in a fearful and apathetic state. We’re no use to anyone like that. Besides, that’s the corporate media’s job. Our goal is to reclaim our minds and build a world where power is less concentrated and more decentralized.

Part of reclaiming our mind is gaining control over our emotions and directing our energy towards empowering ideas. We should organize behind new concepts and ideas that will make the old systems of control irrelevant in our daily lives. We need to create a new world based on higher awareness. This is the reason red-pill activists like Gregg Braden and Ralph Smart are so important to the national conversation.


Jeremy R. Hammond

There are very few resources for people to learn about independent journalism, especially ones that can rely on alternative sources outside the control of our compromised institutions. It takes critical thinking and discernment to be a red-pill activist. It also takes courage and intellectual honesty to cut through all the social programming and propaganda. If we want to revolutionize the current media model, we need to build an infrastructure to help onboard new people in this space. in fact, that is one of the goals of Vision launch Media. Jeremy R. Hammond’s style fulfills that need. Hammond is an award-winning independent political analyst, author, publisher of several books, and concerned father. His articles are well-sourced and highly informative. Hammond is not afraid to tackle controversial topics in a bold manner. Hammond teaches and coaches others to do the same.

The Man Who Red-Pilled The World -Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks

Important Red-Pill Activists, Social Influencers & Freedom Fighters

There are so many other important voices in this space, many of which red-pilled me. This wave of red-pill activists are crowdsourcing the truth by covering every topic imaginable. Many of them are educating our country about the importance of limiting government powers and are fighting an important culture war against the rise of collectivism over individual freedom. Below is a list of other important citizen journalists, analysts, pundits, and social influencers whose voices are crucial to the national debate. I apologize in advance for the ones I missed.

Julian Assange, (Wikileaks) Dr. Duke Pesta, (Freedom Project) Triggernometry, Real Vision Finance, The Robert Scott Bell Show, Catherine Austin Fitts, (The Solari Report) Douglas Murray, Mel Fabregas, (Veritas TV) Sibel Edmonds, (News Bud) John Perkins, (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) Anthony Brian Logan, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Bob Kudla, Brandon Tatum, (Blexit) Kerry Lutz, (Financial Survival Network) Ben Swann, (Truth in Media) The Patriot Nurse, RedPill78, Patrick Timpone, (One Radio Network) Brandon Straka (Walk Away) Press Reset Earth, High Impact Vlogs, G. Edward Griffin, (The Creature From Jekyll Island) Marcos Caceres, Barbera Caceres & Barbera Loe Fisher, (The National Vaccine Information Center) Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Rita Palma, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Whale.to, Mouthy Buddha, Owen Benjamin, Reluctant Preppers, Black Pidgeon Speaks, Gary Null, Harley Schlanger, Sarah Westall, Deborah Tavares, (stopthecrime.net) Dr. Dave Janda, (Operation Freedom) The Free Thought Project, Jason Goodman, (Crowdsource the Truth) Mike Williams (Sage of Quay) Dan Bongino, Dan Dicks, (Press for Truth), Derrick Broze, (The Conscious Resistance Network) Jason Bermas, Dylan Avery (Loose Change) Dave from X22 Report & X22 Spotlight, Wayne Dupree, Jeff Berwick, (The Dollar Vigilante & Anarchast) Sean Carroll (Hidden Forces) Adbusters.org, Richie Allen, Dustin Nemos, The Sons of Liberty, Joe M, Benny Wills, Peter Joseph, (Zeitgeist Series) Dr. Bruce Lipton, Epoch Times, Consortium News, Abby Martin, (Empire Files) Dr. Steve Turley, Vincent James (The Red Elephants) Eric Dubay, Zach Vorhies, Styxhexenhammer666, IHealthtube.com, Red Ice Radio, HangtheBankers.com, Mike Adams, (Natural News) Jordan Peterson, Spiro Skouras, The Quartering, The Big Think, The School of Life, Greg Hunter, (USA Watchdog) Greg Carlwood, (Higherside Chats) Dissidentvoice.org, Rachel Parent (Kids Right to Know) Andreas Antonopoulos, Simon Dixon, (Bank to the Future) Nicholas Merten, (Data Dash) Mike Maloney, Raoul Pal, (Real Vision Finance) Davincij15, Crypto Lark, Luke Rudowski, (We Are Change) Dave Cullen, (Computing Forever) Dr. John Bergman, Dr. Joe Dispenza, The System is Down, Amazing Polly, ZeroHedge.com, Speed the Shift, Jeremy R Hammond, The Future of Freedom Foundation, (fff.org) Bart Sibrel, Mr. Reagan, Tom Luongo, Liz Wheeler, (One America News Network) Larry Cook, Tracy Beanz, (Uncover DC) TheConversation.com, Realist News, Kyle Cease, And We Know, Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, Stefan Molyneux, Jesse Lee Peterson, (The Fallen State) TheFedUpDemocrat.com, Jon Rappoport, (No More Fake News) People Cleaner, CGP Grey, Ole Dammegard, Crrow777, Dave Rubin, (The Rubin Report) Steven Crowder, (Louder With Crowder) Mark Devlin, Marty Leeds, Owen Benjamin, Milo Yiannopoulos, Nicholas J Fuentes, Jordan Sather, (Destroying the Illusion) The Common Sense Show, Wayne Jett, Washington’s Blog, Liberty in Our Time, Jeff Rense, Carl Benjamin, (Sargon of Akkad) GlobalResearch.ca, Quite Frankly, Joe Martino, (Collective Evolution) The Mind Unleashed, Mark Dice, Sayer Ji (Green Med Info) Dr. Mercola, Freedom Works, Nomi Prins, Truthdig News, Michelle Malkin, Robert Kennedy Jr. (Children’s Health Defense) Lew Rockwell, Learntherisk.org, The Liberty Pen, Connor Boyack, (The Libertas Institute -The Tuttle Twins) Jim Hoft, (The Gateway Pundit) Brian Rose, (London Real) Dark Journalist, PragerU, Wake Up World, The Right Media, Goodnewsnetwork.org, Ron Paul, (Liberty Report) Larken Rose, Paul Joseph Watson, (Summit News) Humansarefree.com, Redline Aviator, Jeffrey Tucker, NOQreport.com, The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Academy of Ideas, Miles Mathis, Reality Zone, Tom Fitton, (Judicial Watch) Peter R. Quiñones, (The Libertarian Institute) The Weston Price Foundation, Quite Frankly, Weekend Warrior, Open Your Reality, Dr. Joseph Farrell, Philipp Druzhinin, (Mud Flood) Nick Gillespie, (Reason.com) Chris Hedges, Wall Street For Mainstreet, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Truthstream Media, Robert David Steele, Learn Liberty, Glenn Greenwald (The Intercept) The Last American Vagabond, Alan Watt, David Icke, JonXArmy, Sharyl Attkisson, (Full Measure) Infowars, David “Avocado” Wolf, John Rubino (Dollarcollapse.com) Ted Butler, John Williams, (Shadowstats.com) Craig Mason (Reasonable Conversation Channel) Chris Powell, Bill Murphy, (Gata.org) Dr. Jennifer Daniels, A Call For An Uprising, Truth and Art TV, Alex Newman (Liberty Sentinel) Anti-Media, Brandon Smith (Alt-Market.com) Veteranstoday.com, Jordan Maxwell, Titus Frost, Max Egan, (The Crowhouse) Truthstream Media, Liz Crokin, Sacha Stone, Iain Davis (In This Together) Kit Knightly, (Off Guardian) Gregg Prescott, (In5D) Real Liberty Media, Conscious Life News, Jason Sorens & Vince Perfetto, (The Free State Project) William Binney, Neon Revolt, Michelle Malkin, Putchildrenfirst.org, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Graham Hancock, Ray Vahey, (Bitchute.com) Bill, John, and Jack Ottman, Mark Harding, (Minds.com).

Honorable Mention: President Donald J Trump. Love him or hate him, President Trump has red-pilled more people to the widespread hypocrisy and corruption in our country than any other national figure in recent history. Due to the nature of his personality and unwillingness to be put in a box, the establishment hates him. The political establishments and intelligence community’s blind hatred of President Trump has caused them to expose themselves and their true nature for the world to see. The fact that the establishment hates President Trump so much makes me think he might be doing the right thing.


The QAnon Movement

In the last several years, a new phenomenon has emerged on the internet called the QAnon movement. The story behind this new movement is that white-hats (good guys) in the US Military recruited Donald Trump (before he was elected) to help carry out a larger plan to take down the “deep state.” The Q in QAnon stands for Q level security clearance in the government. The idea behind the Q operation is to encourage people to research what are called Q drops or bread crumbs to make more people aware of the corruption taking place.

There is a digital army researching these drops called “Autists.” Most of the Q drops or bread crumbs are coded and quite ambiguous, which leaves the drops open to interpretation and wild speculation. Misinformation is also intentionally used as Q openly states. This is done to throw off the black hats (bad guys) who monitoring the boards for clues as well. The Q team had stated that the public would need to be aware of the heinous nature of the crimes to support mass arrests of high profile figures when the time was right. There is even some compelling evidence that suggests that Q may be real.

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On the other hand, many people think that QAnon is a well-orchestrated psyop designed to pacify and distract the truth community while a more authoritarian form of government is installed. That’s a very real possibility as well. Nobody really knows for sure who is behind QAnon or if President Trump is Q+, as is also speculated. In my opinion, there is enough evidence showing President Trump is involved in QAnon, and this is a real operation.

This is also proven by the corporate media’s assault on the Q movement. Interestingly, not one reporter has asked the president if he is behind QAnon. Q states, if reporters do ask the president, Q will be forced to go public. The reason I added QAnon in this article is that if it turns out that Q is what they say they are, as Q puts it, it will be the biggest military intelligence drop to a civilian population in our history. Only time will tell if Q is a white hat, and their stated mission is true.

Posthumous RPA’sMyron Fagan Mae Brussell, (Dialogue) Eustace Mullins, William Cooper (Hour of Time), Terrence Mckenna, Jaques Fresco, (The Venus Project) Aaron Russo (Freedom to Fascism) & George Carlin


There Is No Freedom Without Free Speech

Everyone listed in this article has their own life experiences, personal perspectives, biases, beliefs, and ideologies. Some of the names listed above are controversial even within the alternative media space. I certainly don’t agree with everything that they all say, but that’s irrelevant. What’s important is they are all questioning the false narrative and exposing people to new information at different levels in their own way.

What’s amazing to see is how very little we really know about our world and why we are here. We’re all just peeling the many layers of the cosmic mystery we call life and trying to find new information about millions of different topics. If we truly believe in free speech, we should vigorously defend their right to ask questions and speak their truth, no matter how unpopular it may be. The First Amendment was never designed to protect popular speech because popular speech needs no protection.

We’ve Been Programmed Our Whole Lives

We have all been indoctrinated since birth to one degree or another, and we are at different levels of awakening. Often times, someone presenting new ideas can sound ridiculous at first because our programming will not allow us to absorb and integrate a radical new thought into our current belief system. Radical new thoughts are the only ones that can change paradigms.

In the very true words of George Bernard Shaw, “All great truths start out as blasphemy.” We should never try to discourage people from asking questions, even if some of those questions may seem ridiculous to some people. Many things thought to be ridiculous just twenty years ago are common knowledge today. We should never stop asking questions because nobody has a lock on the truth.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, It is accepted as being self-evident. -Arthur Schopenhauer

Diversity Of Thought is Absolutely Crucial For Freedom

If everyone thought the same, this world would be a pretty boring place, and there would be no point in our existence. Examining new perspectives and unconventional viewpoints is the only way we can evolve as a human race. If we cannot honestly and openly criticize ourselves and our policies, how can we ever expect to improve our circumstances?

All topics should be open for discussion, no matter how controversial they may be or whose interests are exposed. Ideas and information should only be challenged by the Socratic Method – not blacked out or suppressed by agenda-driven corporations with a monopoly over global communications. Diversity of thought and freedom to openly express it is absolutely crucial to keeping a free society free.


Big Tech Censorship

The red-pill media is largely responsible for the great awakening taking place in our country, which is probably why most of the people listed in this article have been suppressed, censored, or de-monetized in some form or another. Citizens performing this service should be encouraged and celebrated, not censored, or punished.

These are our brave digital soldiers on the front lines in the war for our minds, and in the larger culture war, we face. The Red-Pill media are covering critical issues and asking the tough questions that our media should be asking, but refuse to do so. They are a voice of reason in a world that no longer makes sense.

Red-Pill Media Risks

There are many agendas at play seeking to manipulate and control us, and the red-pill media are exposing them at every level. I think a lot of people take for granted that these people expose themselves to significant personal risks when they publicly speak out about the topics they cover too. It’s not easy to speak your mind and go against the mainstream opinion, especially in the hypersensitive society we live in.

Some red-pill activists are shining a bright light and exposing powerful people. Many have been threatened or worse. It takes courage to do what they are doing. Despite these risks, they’re collectively waking people up by the millions, but their voices are increasingly being suppressed. This is why we need to support the red-pill media and free speech platforms like Minds.com and BitChute.com that won’t censor them.


Final Thoughts

We are in a time of great transition, but the kind of future that’s in humanity’s best interest is not certain. The powers that be have been hard at work, keeping us divided by exploiting our differences using race, gender, our beliefs & political affiliation, identity politics, and many other divisive tactics.

They also exploit both real and manufactured events to push hidden agendas to shape our reality to fit their end goals. To interrupt this cycle and reverse this trend, we need red-pill activists or new forms of independent media to wake people up and ask the tough questions that the corporate media won’t. In my opinion, the red-pill activists or the new media can help us achieve a more united and abundant future with knowledge alone.

Red-pill activists are a more natural or organic form of human expression. They collectively represent decentralized information designed to free people’s minds rather than control them. The truth is, human beings are powerful creators capable of far more than we are led to believe, but in my opinion, we’ve been intentionally kept ignorant of our power through our cultural programming.

The first step to reclaiming our power starts with reclaiming our minds. Red-pill activists are helping us do that. They are providing a much-needed counterbalance to the false narrative of the corporate media monopoly. They are chipping away at every little aspect of our corrupted matrix of control and exposing it for what it is. This is why The Red-Pill Media is so important.

The Red-Pill Series:

Part One: The Corporate Media is Weaponized Infotainment Meant to Control Us…Turn it Off and Reclaim Your Mind

Part Two: Are Americans Really Free or Are We Just Free Range Slaves Trapped in a Matrix?

Part Three: What is The Red-Pill Media and Why Are They So Important For Our Future?

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