The Corporate Media is Weaponized Infotainment Meant to Control Us… Turn It Off & Reclaim Your Mind

A comprehensive look at the corporate media monopoly and why it's perhaps the most destructive and manipulative institution in America


The average American has been conditioned to believe that a story is only valid when a major news outlet reports it. Even though a recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of people no longer trust the news, it’s still so difficult for most people to break free from this conditioning. I lost count of the number of times someone has said to me that they don’t trust the news and then proceed to recite the latest corporate media talking points. We’re so immersed in this programming that we can’t even see it, much like a fish doesn’t realize it’s in water.

A new study revealed the average person will watch over 78,000 hours of television “programming” in the course of their lifetime. That’s more than eight years of their life! The TV is only one form of corporate programming. We’ve heard the term “fake news” popularized by President Trump, but let’s go beyond the hashtag and do a deep dive into the corporate media monopoly. There truly is a war on for our minds and if you allow the corporate media to make up your belief system, you’re falling into their trap. Let’s take a look at many influences in the media.

The Corporate Media Monopoly

It may seem like we have endless choices when it comes to the media available to us today, but that’s just an illusion. We have many new forms of media and more ways to receive it, but ownership of these companies is more centralized than ever. Almost everything we see on the television, read in newspapers, hear on the radio, and even see on the internet is controlled by a handful of corporations. This centralization of information distribution gives very few people enormous power over what we see or don’t see.

Have you ever seen the viral video that shows dozens of different local newscasters using the same phrases to present the nightly news? This bizarre phenomenon is just one example of the consolidation that’s happened in media over the last several decades. Sinclair Broadcast Group was criticized for forcing its networks to use centrally scripted stories. Still, control of the narrative is even more pervasive than just these local stations repeating the same phrases. Most major national news networks cover the same topics every day in very similar ways. The truth is, there are unseen influences and hidden agendas in the information presented to us and the corporate news business model itself makes it impossible for the press to do the job it’s supposed to. 

Corporate News Business Model Is Flawed

All of the major news networks are owned by large corporations, which is an inherent conflict of interest in and of itself. These are large conglomerates with many other products, interests, and affiliations. Do we expect their news division to ever report a story that will threaten the parent company’s future revenues or reputation? Another inherent flaw with the corporate media business model is the many commercial interests from large advertisers that generate substantial revenues for networks. This relationship creates another serious conflict of interest.

Do you think a major media network will let a negative story come to light about their biggest customers if they can help it? What if one of your largest clients is the CIA? The Washington Post owner and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, does business with and has had contracts with the CIA for over half a billion dollars. Isn’t one of the primary purposes of the media to hold the government accountable? With conflicts of interest this blatant, how can anyone possibly take the Washington Post seriously when it comes to critical coverage of governmental or political affairs? These conflicts of interest are significant and cannot be ignored.


Government Influence

Most people are not aware that in 2013, the Smith Mundt Act was nullified lifting the existing ban on the use of domestic propaganda against the American public. Why would our government want to use propaganda on its people? Long before that legislation, there were programs like Operation Mockingbird and other CIA operations designed to manipulate public perception that dates back over 50 years.

There has been speculation that the CIA has assets in every major newsroom in America. Isn’t the CIA’s mandate to collect and analyze foreign intelligence? Why are they so involved in our domestic media? Was the acting CIA Director, William Casey serious about his disinformation campaign against the American people? Did he actually make that quote? 

One can only imagine the profound influence these programs have had in shaping public opinion through the years. Why is our government so involved with the information we consume? Again, isn’t one of the primary purposes of the news to hold the government accountable? How is that even possible under these circumstances? Are these alliances the reason that major news agencies are literally faking the news? These relationships are not limited to the news media, either.

The CIA and the Pentagon are deeply involved in the film industry and television programming and have been for many years. Their involvement goes above and beyond consulting, using military assets and location shoots. The CIA has a long history of performing psychological experiments and mind control operations on unwitting subjects. Have they used psychological operations on the American public using the media too? Don’t these agencies have more important things to focus on like national security? Their mandate is to protect us from foreign enemies, not to propagandize American citizens.


Political & Ideological Influences

The political bias in the media is perhaps the most obvious. In many cases, it’s difficult to see where the media begins and the Democrat Party ends. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas has done many expose’s showing a clear bias across all media platforms. It’s not just the Democratic Party but a far-left progressive ideology has also permeated deep within many parts of the corporate media. This is why the media talking points contain so little diversity of thought because they reject any other ideologies. Group-think is the collective mindset because they live in a bubble or echo-chamber. If you’re looking for a more independent, conservative, or libertarian point of view, good luck finding one.

Sinclair Broadcasting and Fox News may appear to lean pro-Trump, but that doesn’t make them a conservative news outlet. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to make an argument for or against the Republican Party or President Trump, I’m simply trying to point out the unbalanced nature of the coverage and lack of other ideological perspectives. True independent, conservative or libertarian viewpoints make up a very small percentage of public airtime. For all intents and purposes, the majority of the corporate media have become cheerleaders for the Democratic Party and the establishment.

Media Bias & Our Political Process

What about the people who sit at the head of these corporations, does their ideological bias come into play when it comes to their news coverage? Presidential candidate, Micheal Bloomberg recently stated that Bloomberg News would not investigate him or his democrat political rivals during the 2020 election season but will continue to investigate President Trump. Really? Obviously, politics and ideology take precedence over journalistic standards with Bloomberg News. With their political bias openly admitted, how can we possibly take Bloomberg News seriously when it comes to their political coverage?

It’s not just Bloomberg news either, Project Veritas has uncovered similar biases all over the media. Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. What kind of effect does it have on our political process and elections when one ideology dominates 90%+ of the media? Is it beneficial or harmful that the media is not representing the general public’s ideological values? Does that seem fair – or more importantly – is it good for our country? The double standard applied to ideologies other than their own is so obvious to anyone looking objectively.


Media Double Standard & Hypocrisy

For the last several years, the Trump Russian collusion story dominated just about every aspect of the corporate news media. We were repeatedly told how the president colluded with Russia to win the election and how dangerous this collusion is for our democratic process. We later learned that the genesis for this story came from opposition research from the Hillary Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS, and most of it was fabricated. The media drilled this false narrative into the American publics’ collective consciousness for years. Meanwhile, the real collusion story was the coordinated effort between the media, the DNC, and roque agents within the intelligence community using their combined (and considerable) resources to unseat a duly elected president based on politically motivated lies.

What’s even worse is that the people in the media knew this story was not true but constantly promoted it anyway. We even have evidence through FBI text messages showing that the Russian story was an “insurance policy” in case Donald Trump was elected. How is this not collusion? In fact, this goes beyond collusion and would have to be categorized as sedition or treason. This is just one example of the collusion we have witnessed, but there are many more. While working for CNN, Donna Brazile actually gave Hillary Clinton questions to a national debate in advance. Is this not a significant form of collusion? The media also used heavily skewed polling data to fabricate a false political storyline to make it seem as if Hillary Clinton had more support than she actually had.

Why is the media’s collusion not dangerous for our democratic process? The latest media disinformation campaign is the “Trump Ukraine scandal” narrative (that should really be called the Biden Ukraine scandal) being heavily promoted throughout the media. The real scandal is Joe Biden using a billion-dollar foreign aid package as leverage to get the prosecutor in his son Hunters investigation fired. Biden is even on tape bragging about the quid pro quo to an audience at the Council on Foreign Relations. These double standards make it feel like we are living in the Twilight Zone. Not only is this dangerous to our democracy, but it’s also bitterly dividing our nation based on lies for political gain.

Control the Narrative

We’re told the job of the media is to inform American citizens and hold the government accountable. In actuality, the corporate media are the gatekeepers that control what information the American public gets to see. There’s a big difference between the two. The corporate media decide what stories are covered and what gets ignored. When a story does not fit the narrative, it just won’t be covered.

The Jeffrey Epstein story is a perfect example and there are many more like it. Greta Thunberg has received more positive media coverage and accolades this past year than anyone else on the national stage. Why? Besides the compelling nature of a child scolding the world for its irresponsible behavior, her story supports the establishment narrative. Boyan Slat is a young man with a bold vision to clean the environment using innovation (and is actually doing it) but he gets little to no coverage. People like Boyan can inspire future generations to tackle our toughest challenges. So why doesn’t he get more coverage? Creating solutions through innovation isn’t part of the narrative because it doesn’t involve more control over people and a carbon tax.

Another way the media controls the narrative is to limit the spectrum of discussion. They carefully choose pundits who are well aware of these limits. If someone goes off script or starts asking tough questions about the underlying facts of the official story, they’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist, racist, anti-semite, science denier, Luddite, flat earther, etc. These are all politicized & emotionally charged buzz words designed to discredit and shame people for critically thinking. This shaming creates a kind of self-censorship that reinforces the boundaries of discussion. The official narrative must be maintained at all costs, even the loss of the corporate media’s credibility.

Corporate Media Promotes Division

As if all this weren’t bad enough, it’s not even the worst part about the corporate media. One of the most dangerous and harmful aspects of the media, particularly with the news is, they seek to divide us. They see people by race, gender, religion, political affiliation, and economic status when they should be seeing us as one people, Americans. They deal in identity politics and promote victim mentality that disempowers millions and perpetuates societal envy. They label people into groups and try to pit them against each other. The corporate media are by far the biggest racists and race-baiters of all. They promote the ridiculous idea that all Trump supporters are “White Nationalists” while defending real hate groups like Antifa.

The media espouses the virtues of tolerance when, in reality, they are purveyors of hate. White privilege is a popular narrative being promoted by many in the media, (and politicians) which is quite ironic because most of the people who are perpetuating this myth, by definition, are white and privileged. The white privilege narrative is just another form of racism, but according to the media, only whites can be racist. Treating any group of people differently based on skin color, race or religion is totally racist on its face. There are good and bad people in every race. We should judge people by their character, not skin color. The truth is, a divided population can be distracted from the issues that matter, and more easily controlled. We should remember the phrase, together we stand, divided we fall because the divide and conquer strategy is a real tactic used by the establishment media. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming wise to this trick.

Corporate Media Promotes Fear

If the corporate media narrative determines your world outlook, you probably think there is no hope for humanity – or maybe our planet will cease to exist in a few decades. The media is constantly bombarding us with sensationalized negative news stories that highlight everything terrible that’s happening in the world. This chaotic fear-based content is justified by the “if it bleeds it leads model.”

This type of “programming” is very limited in scope and presents only a narrow view of the world. It is not representative of everything that is happening. I’m not saying that tragic events and crime does not take place in the world, but to only focus on these stories is not an objective perspective on the world at large. More good things happen in the world every day than bad, by orders of magnitude. We have monumental challenges ahead of us, but it’s nowhere near as bad as they want you to believe. Keeping people in a constant state of fear or anxiety is just another way to suppress their true power.


Fear Influences Public Policy

Fear is a powerful motivating factor in human behavior and it can change the perception of a whole nation overnight. Fear also causes us to make irrational decisions. Like, accept legislation we would not have, had it not been preceded by a fearful event. These irrational decisions include giving up our freedom in exchange for the illusion of security. Remember the phrase “never let a good crisis go to waste” popularized by Rahm Emmanual?

Here is an extreme example but it makes the point. Before the events of September 11th, 2001, the American public would have never allowed legislation like the Patriot Act pass. After the events, it was easy. By giving in to our fear, we gave the government wide-sweeping powers and lost many of our rights, all based on a very questionable event. We allowed a rapacious bureaucratic apparatus to be turned against us, not to mention all the blood and treasure it cost our nation going to war with countries who had nothing to do with the event.

After the passing of the Patriot Act, the term domestic terrorism became part of our lexicon, and we all became a potential terrorists suspect. It’s been almost twenty years since the events of September 11th and we’re still patting down old ladies and small children in airports. Again, I realize this is an extreme example, but there are many other media-sensationalized fear-based events that are constantly chipping away at our constitutional rights that we need to be aware of.

Agenda Driven Events?

Here are some uncomfortable (for many) but extremely important questions. How many events that happen around the world are real, and how many of them have been staged? How many are a combination of the two? Is there a hidden agenda behind these events? Between the corporate media’s involvement with government intelligence agencies and people in our government’s propensity to lie about events as a means to an end, is it such a stretch to ask these questions? Especially, now that propaganda is legal to use against American citizens. False flags are a well-known tactic commonly used and it’s not like people within our government have never been involved in false-flag events before.

Throughout history, false flag events have been used to manipulate public opinion all over the world, which even includes acts of war. Declassified documents show that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a typical false flag operation that journalists help to promote designed to start the Vietnam War. The Iraqi weapons of mass destruction narrative was also a lie used to invade Iraq. These are just two instances that we went to war over based on lies that we know of. Both of which had a profound effect on the trajectory of our nation. Are rogue agents within our government agencies creating events or letting them happen in order to remove more of our rights like the Second Amendment?

The amount of airtime that the media dedicates to covering events like public shootings is quite disproportionate to the event itself. The first thing we hear from our elected officials and the media after every public shooting is, we need more gun control. Have you ever noticed that the media rarely covers stories about legally armed citizens who stop mass shootings? Isn’t it odd that with many of these events, the cameras didn’t work, the footage goes missing, or won’t be released? What is Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, MK Ultra Program, and the Strategy of Tension?

Interestingly, many of the people who are questioning the major inconsistencies found in some of these national incidents are being censored. When information is “so dangerous” that it needs to be censored, it usually means someone’s getting too close to the truth. The truth should fear no questions. One thing is for sure, without chaos and boogeymen (real or manufactured) to blame, our government & politicians become much less relevant in our lives.

Monetizing Fear

It’s no secret that fear is used in marketing but there are other, more insidious ways the corporate media is used as a tool to monetize fear that’s not so well known. Here is an example: According to an article written by Dr. Mercola, and corroborated by top Washington lobbyists, fear was a strategy used to increase vaccine uptake by the CDC via corporate media sensationalized “outbreaks.” Did the CDC make an honest mistake, or was this a pharmaceutical sponsored marketing campaign under the guise of a national health crisis? Here are several more articles that chronicle the manipulation of data designed to create public panic and increase vaccine uptake.

Did you know that the members of the CDC own the patents for over fifty vaccines? If you look into the policymakers behind these relatively recent and aggressive vaccination campaigns, including mandating vaccinations to all children in some states, you’ll find serious conflicts of interest in almost every case. California and New York both had substantial cash infusions from the pharmaceutical industry before legislation making vaccines mandatory to attend school in both states was passed. The “outbreaks” that preceded this legislation were blown way out of proportion by the media. Several decades ago we did not go into full-blown crisis mode when a few thousand cases of the measle popped up. Today, if a few hundred cases occur, the media sensationalizes the event, making it seem far more dangerous than it really is.

Are these public fear campaigns designed to force more people to use these corporations’ very questionable products? What changed in the last thirty years? Is this new aggressive vaccine agenda based on national health or corporate wealth? Why are our elected officials trying to mandate vaccinations for cervical cancer, a disease that is not even spread through casual contact? The CDC, FDA and the major pharmaceutical companies have deceived people many times in the past and have enormous credibility issues when it comes to public health. One thing is for certain, there is a lot of money to be made when you can scare a whole nation into buying your product.

Online Media

Unfortunately, the corporate media monopoly doesn’t stop with the internet, and it’s gotten a lot worse in the last several years. The internet once promised to be a liberator of information, but its increasingly being sanitized. It’s kind of ironic because one reason the internet is so popular is people wanted something different than the typical mainstream media. Now the most popular online media sites are owned by the same corporations that control traditional media outlets. Even much of the so-called “alternative media” has been co-opted or controlled by these same companies.

Google/Youtube and Facebook are the internet’s largest on-ramps and most trafficked sites. They are also the most censored and ideologically biased. They blame it on new algorithms but that’s just a cover story. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas also exposed the political bias in the tech industry. Just a few years ago, you could find independent voices, but now they are being silenced. Search results or suggestions now turn up the corporate news as trusted sources. Facebook uses biased fact-checkers like Snopes and SPLC as arbiters of the truth and what news billions of Facebook users are allowed to see.

Big Tech & Government

Both Facebook and Google have very dubious origins too. James Corbett from the Corbett Report made a video describing the “weird coincidences between Facebook and DARPA’s LifeLog.”  Lifelog was the U.S. Government software program developed to “track every person’s existence.” That sounds a lot like Facebook’s current model, doesn’t it? It’s worth noting that the day before Facebook went live, Darpa’s LifeLog was discontinued. Is this a coincidence or is Facebook the commercial version of LifeLog? There are even rumors that Zuckerberg is just a figurehead backed by the CIA.  Google has had ties with intelligence agencies since its inception too.

In my opinion, these platforms are nothing more than data collection sites disguised as a search engine and social media site. The internet also has many other deceptions like the army of corporate and government-paid trolls that populate any posts with controversial topics. These trolls mainly try to gaslight people who question the official narrative and shame them for critical thinking. Sharyl Attkisson gave an excellent Ted Talk discussing “Astro-turfing” and information manipulation online. Control over the narrative is not just limited to Google and Facebook; all of the top social sites are suppressing independent voices. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find independent thoughts and ideas online.

It’s Not Just The News Media

The news is only one part of the social engineering injected into our culture. Every type of media we are exposed to shapes public perception and, ultimately, our collective reality to some degree. The entertainment industry has a profound effect on popular culture. In my opinion, many major motion pictures are mediums used to revise history and shape culture. Entertaining people is for retail purposes and is the “bread and circuses” part of the agenda.

To some degree, the film industry also normalizes abhorrent behavior and degrades societal morals. This normalization and degradation should come as no surprise when we look at the personal conduct of the people behind this industry. Stories about sexual abuse, including Pedophilia, in Hollywood, have been floating around for many years. Now, however, they’re no longer rumors, they’re facts. New information about their disgusting behavior seems to be coming out all the time. Tiffany Fitzhenry is a former Hollywood insider turned whistle-blower (and researcher) who goes into great detail about the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

Popular Culture & Celebrities

The people involved in the upper tiers of the entertainment industry talk a good game but most of them are just professional virtue signalers. It’s, do as we say, not as we do. They tell us guns are evil unless of course, it’s for their security detail. They lecture us on environmental conservation as they fly around the world in their private jets to visit one of their many mansions. They’re against building a wall at our southern border, yet they live in walled-off estates. They claim to be tolerant, but that’s only if you agree with their ideology. It’s hard to believe that they can’t even see their own hypocrisy but they don’t.

Most Hollywood stars are corporate spokespersons there to reinforce the illusion. The celebrities in the entertainment industry are perhaps the most controlled out of everyone. They’re living, breathing brands that have a lot of time and money invested in their public images. But more importantly, they have a lot of influence. They have millions of adoring fans that hang on their every word, which is why they need to be careful about what kind of ideas they endorse.

There is very little diversity of thought in Hollywood too, so don’t be surprised when you see a consistent ideology as a running theme. This ideology represents a small sliver of American culture. Hollywood is the epitome of progressive group-think reinforced by powerful conformity bias. What and how you think makes a big difference when it comes to career advancement in that industry. It’s for these reasons we should take whatever we see and hear from the entertainment industry with the world’s tiniest grain of salt.


Weaponized Infotainment

With so many hidden agendas and powerful influences, how can anyone possibly conclude that the information we are receiving from the corporate media is accurate – or even beneficial to us? I’m not saying that everything we see and hear in the media is a lie, or that all media is bad; the illusion is far more nuanced than that. Today’s media is a highly sophisticated social engineering tool that’s been refined over many years.

The final product the public ends up consuming is a sanitized, dumbed-down, agenda-driven, weaponized form of infotainment. Unfortunately, this infotainment profoundly influences our nation on so many different levels. We should ask ourselves, how many of our opinions are own and how many are from a talking head with an agenda behind it? What the ruling classes have known for centuries is when you control people’s minds, you have far more control over their behavior. Large armed populations cannot be controlled by force alone, they must be willing participants, and that starts with their mind.

Final Thoughts

With new technology and a smartphone in every hand, the corporate media has endless inroads in which to influence us. It takes a conscious effort to avoid being “programmed.” There are hidden agendas and financial interests behind much of the content being presented to us that is not easily detected by most people. This is why we need to question everything we see and hear from the corporate media.

The good news is we are going through a great awakening and the corporate media is being exposed for what it is. We also have more useful content creators that can enrich our lives than ever before. If you want to learn a trade, craft, or just need personal self-improvement, there are countless tutorials and videos from which to choose. There are also scores of new independent journalists and social influencers trying to free our mind rather than control it – and decentralized, free speech social media platforms like that won’t censor them.

We should look at the data we consume like a diet for our minds. The corporate media is like mental junk food or even poison. We face an even larger challenge, though. The corporate media is a byproduct of the corporatocracy that’s taken over our political system. The corporate media is the public relations for the larger corporatocracy and is used to maintain the facade of a functioning democracy (even though we are a Republic). There is a big difference between the two.

In my opinion, reversing the grip of the corporatocracy that’s taken hold is one of the biggest obstacles we face as a nation. If we ever want to unite as a country, and evolve as a race, we will need to ignore the corporate media propaganda and start to think on our own critically. All is not what it seems. This is why it’s so important to support new forms of media that can help free the minds of a brainwashed nation.

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