Vaccines – The Greater Good or the Greater Greed – Conclusion


A Comprehensive Look at Vaccines: Part 12 of 12 – Conclusion

We have addressed some heady information in the previous 11 parts of this article so I wanted to have a moment of levity while keeping on point. John Oliver is HBO’s version of John Stewart or Steven Colbert. He did a segment on the pharmaceutical industry and it’s obvious that his producers did their research because everything he says is factually spot on in this segment, and John Oliver will enlighten you in a lighthearted way. Update: Since this article was published, the video referred to in this section has been removed from Youtube.

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Why Has the Vaccine Schedule Increased So Dramatically?

What has happened in the last 30 years that has made us so afraid of these diseases in the U.S.? Why has the vaccine schedule increased so dramatically? The only significant event in the last 30 years that we could find through our research was the passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986. This gave way to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) which completely absolves pharmaceutical companies from any legal responsibility for vaccine safety and shifts the burden for compensation payments to the American taxpayers.

Was this legal immunity the catalyst for the incredible increase in the vaccine schedule?  We could not find any other significant event in the U.S. that would call for such a dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule. After seeing all the evidence and the behavior of those in this industry, would it be hard to imagine that after the National Childhood Injury Act pharmaceutical companies saw an opportunity for growth with no liability in the vaccine field, and that by influencing CDC to keep increasing the vaccine schedule, they could accelerate that growth? Could that be why the schedule has gone up almost 400% in 30 years and continues to rise to this day? In early 2016, two more vaccines were added to the adult schedule and two more to the pediatric schedule. And we’ve just recently learned that the government will start a new program that will track unvaccinated adults. It seems like the ultimate goal to get as many people to take as many vaccines as possible.

A Look at The Numbers

In 1990 the cost for vaccinating one child according to the CDC schedule was only $70 and in 2012, it was estimated at $1700. When we see the rapacious behavior of the pharmaceutical companies, what are we more likely to believe? That these companies are concerned about our health or that they are trying to grow their market share at any cost? As we saw in part two of this series, there is overwhelming evidence showing that pharmaceutical companies are certainly not concerned with our health. As we saw in part 4 and part 9 of this series, our health officials are beholden to pharmaceutical companies and are more interested in covering up crucial safety data than in warning us or finding a remedy. When we look at all the evidence we can only conclude the latter. In 2015 the cost of vaccinating one child according to the CDC schedule had risen to an estimated $2200 per person. This adds up to a lot of extra revenue in a world with an exploding population like we have.

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Why Vaccine Skeptics Feel the Way They Do

Vaccine skeptics usually do not arrive at their conclusions overnight and in fact, most were pro-vaccine at the start. It is a process in which the further you research the topic, the more you learn how weak the evidence is supporting vaccines. Lets take a look and recap some of the important highlights that we saw in the first 11 parts of this series.

There is overwhelming evidence of the following:

After reviewing the information, can we really blame parents for being apprehensive or skeptical about vaccines?

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Caveat Emptor:  let the buyer beware: the principle that the seller of a product cannot be held responsible for its quality unless it is guaranteed in a warranty. As we know, there is certainly no warranty for vaccines, so caveat emptor it is.

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We Must Sacrifice Our Children For the Good of the Whole

On one hand we are told that vaccines are extremely safe but when vaccine proponents are confronted with indisputable data from VAERS or the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, we are then told that for the greater good we all must vaccinate, even if some people are permanently injured or die in the process. It’s the “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” argument. I think most Americans are pretty reasonable and are willing to go along with legitimate programs for the good of the whole, but when those programs are based on lies and deception and can hurt, maim or kill their children, it is only natural for people to be hesitant. Especially when risks of these diseases are highly exaggerated in most cases, and are not life threatening in and of themselves to people who live in the U.S.

Conflicts of Interests

There are people in positions of power pushing an aggressive vaccine policy who are, in one way or another, financially connected with pharma and that creates a clear conflict of interest. We have experts telling us what our doctors can’t, which is that the evidence used to persuade us is not reliable and that independent research tells a completely different story. We have cases documented in our court system proving that these companies put profit over children’s health, over and over again. Most parents will go along for the greater good but not for the greater greed of a trillion-dollar industry who has demonstrated without question, that our health is not their first priority.

It is obvious to any critical thinker that we have a serious problem with our health care system on many levels. When two former and one current editor of the 3 most prestigious medical journals in the world come out publicly and say that we cannot trust published studies or doctors to provide us with accurate health data, it cannot be ignored. Then we have Dr. David Healy walk us through a real clinical trial and how it was manipulated to make the drug look safe and effective when it was not.

These medical journals are supposed to be the scientific database upon which all of our health decisions are based, yet we’re told by their editors that it cannot be used to form reliable conclusions. Then we have industry insiders corroborating these editors’ information over and over so it’s safe to assume that the system has been thoroughly corrupted. The well of medical information has been poisoned and our informed consent has been quietly taken from us. Unfortunately, now we have a whole medical industry working off of bad information and false assumptions. Modern healthcare has departed from its intended purpose of making people well and entered the realm of politics and economics.

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Dr. Wakefield

Let’s ask ourselves a question: who is spreading misinformation on vaccines, Dr. Wakefield or the medical establishment? We are told by vaccine proponents, the medical establishment and the media that we must disqualify all of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research on the grounds of financial and medical conflicts of interest, but if we are truly being intellectually honest with ourselves, using that same standard, we must disqualify the information presented to us by the medical establishment for the same reasons. Conflicts of interests are rampant in the pharmaceutical and medical industry and both have committed far worse offenses than Dr. Wakefield’s one study did, if any at all. I wonder if the results of Dr. Wakefield’s study favored the drug maker’s product instead of conflicting with it, if there would be such an aggressive attack on him and his colleagues. In the end, after all the personal and professional attacks, it turned out that Dr. Wakefield’s study only confirmed what the CDC’s own data showed to be true. It is also worth noting that the British Court threw out the conviction against Dr. Wakefields co-author on his study, professor John Walker Smith and completely exonerated him of all charges. The only reason Dr. Wakefield was not exonerated is because his insurance did not cover litigation costs like professor Smiths did.

Vaccine Proponents Angry at Skeptics

Many proponents are now lashing out in anger at vaccine skeptics and some are even calling for their imprisonment, but their anger is misdirected. If anything, proponents of vaccinations should be angry at the people who are perpetrating these deceptive tactics and ruining public trust on this issue. Pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry have been caught red handed lying and hiding important safety data again and again, to the point that they are simply untrustworthy. If these companies invested half the resources they spend on gaming the system into improving their product using actual science, they would have some ground to stand on. Trust is very important, especially when that company is admittedly putting people’s lives at risk. At the very least, this information is extremely troubling and should make any objective thinking person not only question the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, but all pharmaceutical drugs. In order for us to solve the health challenges we face, we must first fully understand the truth, and we cannot do that with unreliable information.

Vaccine Skeptics Are Not Anti-Science

Vaccine skeptics are called ‘anti-science’, but what we are witnessing here is not science and this is not how scientific research works. Scientific research should enlighten us and increase our understanding of medicine, not deceive us and obfuscate the issues. Our decisions can only be as good as the data we use to make them.

We are told that vaccines are a victim of their own success and because we have not had a serious outbreak, that is why people are declining them. I strongly disagree with that assessment. What is really happening here, and it’s quite ironic too, is that more people are starting to research vaccines and the companies behind them and pharmaceutical companies are in large part responsible for lower vaccination rates due to their own dubious behavior.

Pharmaceutical companies have shown that they will put profit over their customers’ health again and again. They have no problem promoting drugs they knew were tainted with A.I.D.S or pills that were known to cause heart attacks to hundreds of thousands of people. They have been fined for illegal and unethical actions, committing medical fraud, hiding unfavorable data and off label marketing to children and yet, they blame the public at large for not being “smart enough” to get their vaccines.

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath of “First, Do No Harm”?

The truth is that pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment have some real public perception challenges to overcome. Their conscious choice to put their own interests over the health of our nation has been well documented for anyone who cares to look for it. People are starting to realize that health care in the U.S. is all about business and has very little to do with healthcare.

Never Cure Anything

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question: when was the last time that a pharmaceutical company created a cure for anything? I’m not talking about a drug that treats a symptom that you have to take for the rest of your life, but a real cure. Are they even interested in finding a cure, or are they more interested in acquiring and developing lifetime customers? If they did find the cure to diseases, would they even release it to the public? Finding a cure is directly at odds with their business model, and as we can see, these companies’ first priority is not to improve our health, but to make as large a profit as possible. Curing people would only diminish their customer base.

This is proven by the current state of our society’s health. We have the sickest population we have ever had and while it would be unfair to blame it all on the pharmaceutical companies, they certainly do play a large role.

Times Are Changing

There is a growing movement underway, and people are learning that the human body is a natural energetic system that does not require synthetic compounds and dangerous chemicals for optimum health. We are seeing cases that show the body is a self-healing organism once it’s free of all toxins. Sure, some of these pharmaceutical drugs temporarily treat symptoms, but they never address the underlying malady and certainly do not improve our overall health.

There are so many side effects from most pharmaceutical drugs that, in many cases, they’re worse than the ailment itself. I am not against modern medicine and I do see a need for certain pharmaceutical drugs, but taking a synthetic pill for every single ailment we face, many of them for made up syndromes to increase market share, just does not make sense.

Where do lifestyle change and diet fit into medical practice? Why are our doctors taught so very little about nutrition? The problem with a nutrition approach to treatment is that the pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry have not figured out a way to patent and monetize that treatment yet.

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A Pill or Shot for Every Ailment

Many decades ago we were told that in the future there would be a pill to cure any ailment and that has been the path we have taken in medicine in all the years since, but are we using an antiquated plan of attack? Haven’t we learned anything in the last 60 years? Knowing what we now know about the human body, do we really think that a chemical/drug based approach to every malady is the right way to proceed? We have one of the sickest societies, with a whole host of autoimmune diseases. Shouldn’t we try a different approach? Pharmaceutical companies want to get as many people taking their drugs as often as possible and that’s not because they are trying to improve our health.

It may be a good idea for Pharma to revisit its business model or it may not survive these changes we are going through. We have large brands focused on health like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s gaining increasing market share. Look at McDonald’s, one of the largest companies in the world. They are closing thousands of stores for the first time in their history due, in large part, to a growing public awareness of their ingredients. Now McDonald’s is forced to revisit how they do business and their practices never even approached some of the behavior of pharma.

This Is Bigger Than Just Vaccines

This is not just a vaccine issue but an overall health crisis in our country. We have the sickest children in the world and now we are over-medicating them earlier and more often for a whole host of autoimmune diseases. We treat our children for any little ailment for which we can assign a name. Do we want them to go through life as over-medicated zombies? Maybe we should look at our antiquated school system or their environment instead of prescribing medication for every little human quirk. And who is assigning the names? What is their interest in prescribing more and more drugs to our children?

Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote an excellent article regarding the over-medication of our children that every parent should read.

Allopathic Medicine Will Not Last Another 100 years like this

The truth is, we have really only been using allopathic medicine for the last 100 years and if today’s results are any indication of the success of our medical system, we need to take a fresh new look at what we are doing.  Our current system is clearly not working. I want to repeat, pharmaceutical companies cannot take the full blame for all of our problems. I’m sure there are many reasons for the state in which we find ourselves — lifestyle choices, diet, and our overall environment play a large role in the quality of our health. In further defense of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies, there are many people who are reluctant to make lifestyle changes and would rather take a pill.  This is fine, and will probably always be the case with some of the population, but we should not design our healthcare system around that mentality, especially when so many people are waking up to the fact that true health is not achieved through drugs.

Let’s Ask Some Important Questions: WHY?

Why have pharmaceutical companies spent so much time, effort and money to game the system like they have?

Why have pharmaceutical companies gone through so much trouble to infiltrate the medical system, medical schools, medical journals, and anything related to healthcare? There are many ways to try and answer this question but the fundamental reason is plain to see.

A: They don’t even believe in their own products.

Why else would they try to manipulate their own information? So if even the companies who manufacture pharmaceutical drugs don’t believe in their own products, why should vaccine skeptics believe in them?

Why are our health agencies covering up crucial safety data and hiding it from the American people?

Autism is a terrible affliction which is destroying families across the nation yet our officials continue to deny any link and cover up life and death data from the American people.

A: Because pharmaceutical companies have bought off every integral part of the system.  

Why No Vaccinated vs. Vaccinated Tests?

Let’s ask ourselves another simple question: Vaccines have been around for many decades now, so why have there been no studies on vaccinated children vs unvaccinated? The excuse that the medical establishment tells us is that it is unethical to do a test like that because they do not want anyone to go unvaccinated. Here is where that argument makes no sense. There are plenty of people who do not get vaccinated whether it be for religious, philosophical or other reasons who could participate in any long term or shorter term study. So why won’t our health officials and the pharmaceutical companies end the controversy by performing a test with the two groups? What are they afraid of finding?

How good can a product be if the company has to buy everyone’s influence, commit illegal practices, promote vaccines using fear and force it on us? And let’s be honest, this is only a product, just because it’s disguised as medicine does not always make it good for us. Many of these medicines have detrimental side effects that are worse than the original ailment itself.

Again, I am not against some of the wonders that new medical procedures and new medicines produce, but please, test them thoroughly and in a proper manner, and don’t manipulate the findings. People are not guinea pigs.

What I find confusing is why the pharmaceutical companies do not put more money and resources behind building a better product, as opposed to buying influence and obfuscating the facts behind their products? Why not recognize the growing public mistrust and implement measures to build trust and transparency? The executives of these companies are not stupid people, and more likely are highly intelligent overachievers. You do not become the executive of a global billion-dollar company by accident. So what are we missing here? There are many theories floating around that we have not addressed in this article, but the evidence certainly lends credit to the idea that something darker and more insidious is going on with vaccines.

We Cannot Blame Parents for Mistrusting The Whole Vaccine Agenda

In light of just the information presented in the previous 11 parts this article, are we really that surprised that more and more people are forgoing vaccination?  With all of this fraud, deception, conflicting evidence, and the many thousands of injured children, it would not be difficult to make the case that the parents who are skeptical about vaccines are actually the responsible ones. Vaccine skeptics have done their due diligence by conducting thorough research. We encourage people to do due diligence on every other area of life, particularly when a company does not guarantee their product – buyer beware, caveat emptor, right? Not when it comes to vaccines. We are not allowed to research them because people are deemed not smart enough.  People are not even allowed to question vaccines without being labeled anti-vaxx. Most of these parents have done an enormous amount of due diligence regarding the health and safety of their children and have decided it is too risky. I bet most people do more research on their next vacation spot, iPhone or car purchase than they do with vaccinations. But not vaccine skeptics.

It became clear to us after our own research why vaccine research is so heavily discouraged. Lets put it this way: if we convened in a court of law and put both sides of the vaccines information up for review and verdict, 9 times out of 10, an honest judge or jury would come back with not guilty verdict for the vaccine skeptic. There is simply too much credible evidence that directly contradicts the official story.

Moving Forward

We are at a critical point for reflection here and if we choose to stay in the dark, we have to count ourselves among the complicit, too. We remain ignorant at our own cost and it is a high one at that. If we keep consenting to more and more vaccines, we have a dark future ahead of us regarding our health. There are more than 250 vaccines in development and next, they will try to mandate everyone in America to take multiple vaccines. The vaccine schedule has more than tripled in the last few decades, what will the next thirty years bring?

The loudest voice, the voice heard most often and voice of the authority seems like a truism after a while. The voice always tells us that vaccines are safe and effective and for far too long, that is where the conversation has stopped.

The media would like to turn us against each other by making this a black and white issue:  either you’re in favor of vaccines or you’re against them, but I can assure you there are many shades of gray to this one. Don’t let them do that, because the only things that will suffer are our kids and the truth. Let’s put our differences aside and unite for a common goal (the health and well-being of all of our children) and learn the true facts behind vaccine safety and efficacy.

What an effective tool is the divide and conquer tactic. As long as both sides of the vaccine debate have no meaningful dialogue, the truth will remain obscured. To the extent that we allow ourselves to perceive those on the other side of the argument as our enemy, as someone to band together against, we will remain unenlightened. Let’s not fall into the divide and conquer paradigm and be so busy fighting with each other that the real issue at hand goes unnoticed. We are smarter than that. Let’s come together for our common interest.

Did You Know?

There has never been a study on the long term effects of vaccines (a typical vaccine study lasts 4-6 weeks

There has never been a safety study on the short term or long term safety of combined doses given to children on a single doctor visit

There has never been a study on the safety of vaccinating pregnant women, yet it is widely promoted

• The United States has the highest vaccination rate and the highest infant mortality rate in developed countries

• The United States is the largest user of pharmaceutical drugs, yet has the sickest population

• The Department of Health and Human Services owns patents to vaccines and profit from their sale

• The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has made payments to families that connect the MMR vaccine to autism

• An independent study (one of the only of its kind) from the University of Pittsburg injected monkeys with the same vaccine schedule children received from 1994-1999 and the vaccinated monkeys developed autism-like reactions. The control group of unvaccinated monkeys displayed no such symptoms.

• When the controversial mercury based ingredient thimerosal was phased out from vaccines it was never removed from the flu vaccine, one of the most commonly distributed vaccines of all.

• When thimerosal was phased out from other vaccines, the drug manufacturers replaced it with increasing and equal amounts of aluminum

• An independent study that mimicked the childhood vaccination schedule with aluminum in mice showed aluminum inflicted massive damage to neurons in the brain.

Editors Disclosure

We want to reiterate, we are not a vaccine experts, doctor or medical experts in any way, and we do not give medical advice. we are not here to tell you whether to vaccinate. You have to do your own research and do what feels right for you. We are also not on a mission to ban vaccines. For those who want to use them, that is their choice.

What we do advocate is to keep our medical freedoms intact. Allowing any government agency to decide what goes in our bodies, especially when they cannot adequately prove their case, is not freedom.

We represent a self-funded independent research group and our only agenda is to seek the truth. We do not take contributions from big pharma or anti pharma, if there is such a thing. We may subsequently release books on all topics we research in an effort to defer our costs. Our research is focused on presenting the other side of controversial issues, which is not available through traditional media sources.

We are publishing our research on the Vision Launch site because we want to get this work out in front of a broader audience than if we published on a website which is brand new.

We have used information that is readily available to the public and added many links for people to do further research on the issue. Let’s come together and have a spirited debate on the actual material at hand. We have certainly presented enough in this 12 part series to keep us all busy for a while. We think that would be to everyone’s benefit and a productive way to move forward.

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