Welcome To Vision Launch

What is Vision Launch Media?

Over the last several decades, our media has consolidated and become increasingly centralized to the extent that only a few corporations control just about everything we see and hear. As a result, the corporate media have become gate-keepers of information while creating false narratives infused with hidden agendas that negatively affect millions of people in our country. Our goal is to provide a much-needed counter-balance to this monopoly over our information. We are an eco-system specifically focused on supporting and promoting alternative media sources. We strongly oppose censorship and believe free speech and diversity of thought is crucial to freedom itself.

Our underlying mission is to promote individual freedom in all of its various forms, with a strong emphasis on freedom of speech. In the last decade there has been a renaissance of independent journalists, pundits, and social influencers who are covering extremely crucial issues and asking important questions that our media should be asking, but refuse to. We see enormous value in their services!   This is one of the main reasons we created Vision Launch Media, a listing platform where people can go to find alternative media sources .

Patronage Platform

Vision Launch Media provides people/organizations more exposure but we’re also developing an eco-system or community of support. We’re currently working with Minds.com (open source, decentralized, uncensored social media platform) to build out our patronage site where people can create their own customized page and accept different types of contributions, including cryptocurrencies with no time limits or minimum funding requirements. The new platform will be integrated with, and promoted on the Minds.com social media network, which boasts over two million daily users. Here is a prototype of the new platform.

1. Promote people/organizations who are advancing the cause of freedom
2. Promote new forms of media & citizen journalists
3. Promote the advancement of individual freedom in all of its many forms
4. Provide a trusted platform for new forms of media & exciting social initiatives
5. Inspire & empower future generations to join the freedom movement

Specific Areas of Focus

  • Individual Freedom
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Free Market Solutions
  •  Open Source Solutions
  •  Independent Media
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralization
  • Uncensored Internet
  • Education
  • Food Safety
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Environment
  • Citizen Journalists
  • Whistle-Blowers
  • Human Trafficking – Modern Slavery
  • Institutional & Political Corruption
  • Child Abuse – Pedophilia
  • Missing Children – Kidnappings
  • Climate Science

Why Use Vision Launch

With over a billion websites and counting on the internet, getting exposure to a new website requires time, effort, expertise, and financing. Even established websites do not receive much traffic unless they are producing quality content daily or spending a significant amount of money on marketing. Facebook is now pay to play and most of the top social sites are suppressing free speech. We want to break through these limitations by creating a movement based on principles of freedom and liberty with like-minded people. A significant portion of our platforms proceeds will go directly into marketing this initiative. By offering one centrally themed platform professionally marketed to the right audience, we can leverage the collective resources and reach larger mainstream audiences.

A Platform For Change

We are in the midst of an extremely turbulent culture war and many of our individual freedoms hang in the balance. Too many of our citizens are turning to government to solve our problems and calling for more government control through ideas like socialism. The truth is, that anything the government gets involved in becomes more expensive, and less efficient. We want to unite as many Americans as we possibly can around ideas like freedom, liberty, limited government, government transparency & accountability – and support independent media sources who are exposing institutional corruption. The men and woman in independent media movement are changing hearts and minds and can help us rise above the acrimony by presenting information designed to free our mind, not control it. We are living in a time where real challenges are mounting, and awareness to our true challenges is our most powerful weapon and greatest commodity.

Until now, there has not been a central platform dedicated to the advancement of these ideas