Is The Mainstream Media Imploding? News Outlets Suffer Record Job Losses!

Mainstream Media IMPLODING as Outlets Suffer RECORD JOB LOSSES!!!


Mainstream media viewership has been on a downtrend for many years now, but are things accelerating in the age of Donald Trump? We have never seen such a high profile person stand up to the media and openly attack them as President Trump has. President Trump has successfully branded the mainstream news as fake and enemy of the people, and it appears that it has stuck. What’s more, it seems that whatever the media and the DNC throw at him has trouble sticking. Dr. Steve Turley points out that US newspapers have shed half of their employees since 2008, and newspaper circulation is down to 1940 levels. Dr. Turley also tells us that Business Insider reported last year that the media lost almost 8000 jobs in 2019 alone. Much of this is due to changing trends and technological advancements in the way we receive our news, but in recent years the mainstream media has had credibility issues.


CNN, Buzzfeed, Vice, and Huffington Post have all made significant cutbacks. Dr. Turley points out that the media will use any means to try and destroy President Trump, but it appears that this is backfiring in a big way. We recently published an extensive in-depth look at the corporate media model titled, “ The Corporate Media is Weaponized Infotainment Meant to Control Us… Turn It Off & Reclaim Your Mind.” In this article, we go into great detail about what constitutes all media, not just the news, and it isn’t pretty. Again, much of this implosion can be attributed to changing trends, but we can’t discount the Trump effect. President Trump has brought more attention to the fact that the corporate news media cannot be trusted than any other person in my lifetime. The truth is that the corporate media is just a propaganda arm that protects the Corporatocracy that America has become. President Trump has brought the deception in the media to the attention of his millions of supporters, and there can be no doubt it is hurting the media.