Outline of Results Recommendation of Services


As we spoke about earlier, finding an effective marketing company can be elusive, as we found out first hand and many thousands of dollars later. This is why we have partnered with Brandon Gaille’s company, ByReputation.  He began executing our content marketing plan in mid-March 2014.  The organic traffic results he delivered for our website has literally changed our business.  Here is a screenshot of our monthly website traffic over the past 8 months.  Brandon told us it would take 6 months to start seeing significant results.  As you can see, the traffic started to surge around that point (August/September).


One of the reasons we chose Brandon to help us increase our organic traffic was because of the results he achieved on his blog.  He posts 7-9 pieces of content on his blog each day.  The Google Analytics snapshot below will give you a better idea of what more daily content over a longer period of time can produce.


I could list out all of the benefits and details of the execution, but I think the results above tell the story.  Brandon will handle your campaign personally.  His campaign will focus around your target audience, and he will deliver results.  He is very selective with the clients he takes on.  Before we had our phone call, Brandon had reviewed your site and agreed that your company met his requirements.

I suggest that you start with 2 pieces of content (blog articles) per day at $2700/month.  After a couple of months, you can decide how much to increase it by.