Zeitgeist: Exposing The Invisible Chains Globalist Use To Enslave The World!

How did we get here and more importantly, how do we move forward and create a better world? The award-winning film, Zeitgeist examines these questions and more. For those who have not yet seen this film, buckle up for a mind-expanding ride down the rabbit hole! Zeitgeist exposes the invisible slavery system we all live under and begins a dialogue on how we can escape the matrix.


We are living in a time of extreme social and political turmoil, which is when the greatest changes occur in society. However, as we move through this time of profound change, it’s important that we know how we got here so we can avoid falling into the same trap. One of the best examples of the new traps being set for us is the rollout of the Central Bank digital currencies, (CBDC) whose main purpose is further control over humanity. CBDCs are just a continuation of the old system or slavery 2.0 but far worse. It is also an attempt for the globalist to remain in control.  The powers that be are doing their best to try and herd us into a new and even more draconian monetary system. Don’t let them!

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum, is an award-winning documentary produced by Peter Joseph. The film was released in 2008 but is perhaps more relevant today than when it was released 15 years ago. Zeitgeist is a powerful documentary that brilliantly exposes the system of slavery that we ALL live under.  The film also proposes new perspectives and possible ways we can be liberated or reclaim our sovereignty from this rapacious, tyrannical monetary system that was surreptitiously foisted on us over 100 years ago.

For those who have not yet seen this film, buckle up for a mind-expanding ride down the rabbit hole!

Part 1: Global Debt-Based Monetary System 

The film is divided into four sections. The first section explores the global debt-based monetary system and the process of money creation through the “Fractional Reserve” expansion policy used by all banks. It presents a case that the entire global monetary system is little more than a pyramid scheme that can only generate eventual debt collapse along with a society of debt servants and deprivation.

Part 2: Economic Hitmen

The second section features John Perkins, a NY Times best-selling author who discusses his former career as an “Economic Hitman” where he helped certain institutions use loans/debt to take control of a poor country’s resources and labor. This section expands to discuss the role of the World Bank and IMF and how the debt schemes and structural adjustment policies employed have served to further injure poor nations, while profitably benefiting select Transnational Corporations.

Part 3: The Venus Project

The third section of the work introduces an organization called The Venus Project. Started by social scientist Jacque Fresco in the 1970s, the film explores his ideas of a new social system called a “Resource-Based Economy”.

Part 4: Social (Non-Violent) Revolution 

Finally, the fourth section presents a mix of philosophical concepts about human thought and belief, along with the foreshadowing of certain economic problems which could manifest in the future if a large-scale social revolution isn’t made quickly toward a new social system.

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