23 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Media Attention


As an entrepreneur, it can be simple to start a business but it can be quite difficult to acquire the exposure that it needs in order to be successful. With the ability to use media to your advantage, you will be able to find more customers than you ever imagined, plus it can be a relatively inexpensive way to advertise for your business. Below are some tips that you can use to effectively use media to further your startup.

Tip 1: Being Different

In order to stand out against the competition, it is important that you find ways to be different. You will need to find interesting methods that will catch the attention of your audience and keep them entertained. The more different that you are, the more interested customers will be and the more likely they will be to purchase your products and/or services.

Tip 2: Use Media Before Product Launches

It is important to understand the importance of advertising before your product actually launches, otherwise it will have little to no exposure, making your immediate sales significantly lower than you would expect. Ensure that you use media to your advantage to generate buzz about your release.

Tip 3: Being Honest

Media has the tendency to have a stigma associated with it. Many customers believe that advertising and other sources of media for marketing purposes are filled with lies. Stand apart from your competitors and be honest with your customers from day 1. This will help to establish a better customer relationship that will be advantageous in the future.

Tip 4: Be Straightforward and Concise

It is imperative to be as straightforward as possible when you are advertising your products and/or services. Instead of writing a story, make the details as informative as possible without elaborating too much. This helps your customers to get the most amount of information in the least amount of time.

Tip 5: Give Them Something to Talk About

Generating buzz is imperative to ensure that your startup is successful and therefore, you will want to give your audience something to talk about. Find a way to showcase the positive aspects of your business and how it is different than any other business in your industry. The more buzz that is generated, the more customers you will receive in a short amount of time as they will all be curious about you and your company.