3 Ways You Should Be Crowdfunding Right Now


We often think of the crowdfunding concept as a rewards-based platform. With the success of platforms like Kickstarter, it is understandable to think this way because of how so many major projects have been able to get off the ground. What you may not realize is that there are some unique ways to get involved in crowdfunding that go beyond the basic pledging principles. If you are addicted to crowdfunding, then these are three methods in this niche that you should be involved in right now.

1. Get Involved With More Options

What if you could get involved in the company that was offering share options through crowdfunding? That’s possible on a platform like Fundable. This useful platform combines the process of investing with the joy of making an investment. You get to choose whether you want to create a crowdfunding campaign that has a rewards platform or create a campaign that uses share options so that you can raise capital.

With the ability to get involved with more options, new startups get the chance to raise money in the way that best works for them. Supporters also get to invest money in a way that best works for them. That’s a win/win crowdfunding situation.

2. Get Involved With Commercial Real Estate

What if you could get involved in the real estate business, which is historically one of the most lucrative investment opportunities there is? With platforms like Asset Avenue, you get this very chance. This crowdfunding platform eliminates many of the barriers that exist to the investment into any commercial real estate project. Asset Avenue allows you to participate in a crowdfunding campaign as an accredited backer so that you can invest into a hard asset.

Asset Avenue is also backed by Adam Chapnick, who is one of the principals of Indiegogo, so you know there is some experience behind the platform as well.

3. Get Involved With Local Real Estate

What if you can into local real estate options for just $100? Fundrise is the crowdfunding platform that can help make that become a reality. With Fundrise, anybody can experience the joys of investing in the real estate business without the hassle of massive fees and red tape. The goal of this platform is simple: to let everyone enjoy the reward of backing a real estate project that can have a big impact on their local community.

There are high levels of transparency on Fundrise, so there is never a question of where the money is going to go or how it will be spend. Every backer will be able to see the various ways that their money has an impact locally and remember – local dollars always have more value when they are invested locally.

If you aren’t involved in these three areas of crowdfunding yet, then the time is now to get started. With amazing returns and the ability to create a dramatic impact in your community at the same time, crowdfunding in this manner takes the addiction of investing in this way to a whole new level.