4 Kickstarter Projects That Must Find Success


If potato salad can get $50k and a cooler with a blender can get $13 million, then these Kickstarter campaigns deserve to get funded as well. Here’s the kicker: to meet funding goals, as little as $5,000 is needed for some projects.

1. Dinosaurs With Guns

This campaign is being run by an experienced short-film creator who want to make his first feature length film. You can get involved with a producer’s credit if you wish. In return, you’ll help some burly Special Forces dudes and dudettes combat dinosaurs that were created by a mad scientist. That’s better than potato salad, right?

2. Where’s Wallet?

It’s a call that is heard throughout millions of households every day: “Honey? Have you seen my wallet?” Backing this project means you’ll be solving this problem for good. It’s a wallet that has a sensor in it that can be tracked by the Where’s Wallet app. You just boot up the app and you’ll find out where the missing wallet happens to be. There’s not word about the wallet being colored in red and white stripes, however, so take the good with the bad.

3. Kinskii

When families are apart, it can be difficult to find time to spend quality time together. This Kickstarter campaign looks to change that by creating a computer accessible smart app that lets kids and parents play together on a video chat screen. Throw in the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends and the distances won’t seem so far away. They have a project goal of $50k to hit.

4. Acquerello 3

Arts and music are being cut out of schools rapidly because of budget cuts, but this project will rescue some of the arts to bring them back home. It’s a proposed book for doodles, paintings, and other work that can help others study and practice their own art at home. The artist, Alina Chau, has an impressive set of credits that includes Star Wars: The Clone Wars and everything is ready. It just needs funding to get printed.

What is great about modern crowdfunding is that any idea has a chance to get funded. These 4 projects could change lives in many unique ways and it doesn’t take much to get some skin into the game. Take a closer look today to see if one of them is right for you.