5 Best Places an Entrepreneur Can Meet Investors


If you know the right investor as an entrepreneur, then it becomes really easy to obtain the startup capital that you’re going to need. Most entrepreneurs have already thought about how they’ll be able to find these investors so they can form one of the most important relationships they’ll ever have in their life. There’s just one problem.

Not every investor an entrepreneur is going to meet is going to be the best investor for the project that is starting up.

Although some people like to attribute words to this meet-up process like “fate” or “luck,” the reality is that the best entrepreneurs make their own luck or drive their own fate. Nothing in life is guaranteed as an entrepreneur, but you can put yourself in the 5 best places where an entrepreneur can meet their next investor.

Are you making time as an entrepreneur to be in these 5 locations at some point on a regular basis?

1. Local Networking Events

Networking events are perfect for local entrepreneurs who want to meet up with local investors. These events are designed for these relationships to be formed. Investors don’t show up unless they’re interested in putting some cash into a local project.

Professional network is a different kind of experience, so don’t be afraid to sit back and just observe for a couple of events. Watch how conversations start and play out. You may find investors will come up to you as an entrepreneur because they see you trying to include yourself without being overly obnoxious. You’ll also get to meet plenty of people who can help your ideas grow in many other ways as well.

2. Entrepreneurial Competitions

Many cities today are running annual competitions that encourage innovation from top regional talent. The goal is to either launch a new start-up, promote it in some way, or solve some type of entrepreneurial problem in an effective way. Investors are always watching competitions like these because it is where the freshest ideas tend to come.

If you don’t want to get involved as a competitor, then just treat the events as a networking opportunity. You’ll be surprised at how many different types of investors you’ll encounter over the course of the competition.

3. Charitable or Community Events

Many investors want to give back to their communities in some way. This happens through time, money, or volunteering their expertise. You’ll find investors sitting on local boards, advisory councils, or helping to run community organizations. Sometimes it may just be to keep themselves at the top of the mind of their core demographics, but that still means it is an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Go there, volunteer your time, and you may eventually meet the right investor.

4. Go Online

The value of sites like LinkedIn cannot be overstated. Many entrepreneurs don’t take full advantage of these networking options. Plug in a few searches, get connected with people through the various links that you have, and you may just find a new group of investors. Here’s the best part: this type of networking opportunity happens on your time.

LinkedIn isn’t the only place to be active either if you’re looking for an investor. Many platforms are industry or niche specific. Build up your profile and get involved, but don’t be spammy about it. If you send a potential investor 40 requests per day, the only thing that you’ll prove is how annoying you can be.

5. Family, Friends, and Acquaintances

Many investors tend to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. This is because they get flooded with unsolicited entrepreneurial ideas from people desperate for an investment, but never taking the time to develop a business plan. These investors tend to come out only when they know an entrepreneur already or when a friend of theirs will vouch for you.

The advantage here is that this type of investor will stay in the background and trust your experience. The disadvantage is that if you don’t fulfill your obligations, not only are you out an investor, but you could be out a friend as well.

It isn’t always easy to find the right investor for an upcoming project, but it does become a little easier when entrepreneurs place themselves in the right environments. These are the best places an entrepreneur can meet their next investor. Find your local events and get your profiles updated online to make sure you don’t miss the connection that could change the life of your business.