5 Ways Crowdfunding Makes You a Better Entrepreneur


Crowdfunding today can take many different shapes or forms. From major players like Kickstarter to micro-financing platforms like Kiva, there is something for every entrepreneur who has a good idea they’d like to begin to develop. Here’s how getting involved with crowdfunding makes you a better entrepreneur.

1. You Spend Money Wisely.

You’re already creative with your budgeting as an entrepreneur. You only have so much cash and it has to stretch so far. When debt is used as capital, it doesn’t create the same levels of ownership of an idea that come when you force yourself to stay within the amount of capital you’ve raised without debt.

2. It Creates a Desire To Help Others.

Crowdfunders often help people without knowing who they are or what their history happens to be. There are not as many racial, ethnic, or gender barriers in place. People get involved because they see a good idea and they want to help. This desire passes on to you as an entrepreneur as well.

3. Mentors Contact You.

Instead of trying to find a good mentor, crowdfunding helps to bring potential mentors to you. Backers want to see you succeed. They’ll give you the feedback you need to continue growing as an entrepreneur.

4. You Learn The Value Of Research And Development.

Out of this key point come authentic relationships. You will discover the people who have goals that are aligned with yours as an entrepreneur. In time, you can build a network of connections from scratch that can help you begin to develop more ideas into exciting business opportunities. Paid relationships are only good for short-term gains. Long-term gains need authenticity.

5. There Will Be New Lifelong Friendships.

People will do more than support you. They”ll become loyal to you. They’ll want to see you succeed. If you are willing to reciprocate those feelings, then the friendships you develop with these backers will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Crowdfunding has made the entrepreneurial process easier than it has ever been before. There may be new rules to follow, but there are also more relationships available from a pool of backers that are excited to see what your next idea could do. Crowdfunding will make you a better entrepreneur, but only if you allow it to do so. Get started today and your future can become whatever you want it to be.