6 Alternative Energy Facts


Have you always wanted to learn more about alternative energies and how they can help all of us? Then here are some interesting alternative energy facts to consider.

1. Alternative energy creates jobs.

When compared to traditional forms of energy, including fossil fuels, alternative energy creates up to 3 times more jobs. This is despite the fact that fossil fuels typically receive 4 times more financing through subsidies when compared to alternative energy resources.

2. Alternative energies are effective.

Just one wind turbine can provide enough power for up to 1,400 homes. Hydropower is used by some countries, such as Egypt, to provide nearly have of their entire power structure. For this reason, renewable energy is expected to provide one-quarter of our power resources by 2018.

3. Alternative energy can make an immediate difference.

It doesn’t have to take a long time to transition to alternative energies. Portugal operated a system that was 85% based on fossil fuels and traditional sources. In just 5 years, the country’s electrical grid was receiving 45% of its total power from alternative energy sources.

4. Alternative energies are more powerful than many realize.

In just one hour of global sunshine, there is enough potential energy to meet the demands of the entire planet for one full year. By 2050, if technology development continues on its current path, all of Europe and parts of Africa could be running on 100% alternative energy sources.

5. Alternative energy is not a “new” energy resource.

Water as a source of energy has been used for more than 2,000 years. We can obtain energy from bio-resources, heat stored underneath the surface of the ground, and even the silica in sand can be used to produce electricity.

6. Only one thing is holding back alternative energies.

The primary reason why we are not embracing alternative energies over fossil fuels on a faster basis is because of their cost. Thankfully, alternative energy is more of a technology than a finite resource. This means that as time goes on and the processes are refined, alternative energy will be cheaper and we’ll be more inclined to install new production options.

These alternative energy facts show that the future is bright for this resource. It is a clean energy source that is widely available which could benefit us all.