6 Solar Energy Uses and Applications


There are several ways that we can use solar energy today. Not only do we get power and warmth out of the sun’s rays, but it also has these additional uses and applications.

1. It can charge personal devices.

With just a small solar panel, you can collect the energy from the sun to charge a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. This technology has been used on calculators for more than a generation, but now it applies to many other devices.

2. It can power a trash compactor.

Many cities are installing solar-powered trash compactors and recycling devices on city streets. This allows them to be able to store more trash and reduce the cost and energy used to maintain it.

3. It can be used to power vehicles.

Solar-powered cars, airplanes, and boats are just the beginning of the different types of vehicles that can be powered with solar energy. Airplanes equipped with solar panels have flown across Europe. Facebook is using solar planes to distribute internet connections. This gives us a much cleaner method of energy for our transportation networks.

4. It can be used to collect power for household batteries.

There are batteries on the market today that can be charged with solar energy and then provide a full-home source of power. This type of energy storage can be used for doctor’s offices and other services, especially when traditional grids may not be available.

5. It can reduce costs.

By apply solar energy uses, it becomes possible to reduce a personal dependence on fossil fuels. With the rise of carbon taxes and other costs associated with emissions and use, this makes it possible to begin reducing financial costs that are because of energy consumption.

6. It provides a source of backup power.

Even if a home or business remains attached to a power grid, there is no guarantee that power will be provided. During a storm, an accident, or other disruption, the ability to access solar power can maintain current lifestyle needs and demands without disruption.

There are many solar energy uses and applications that are being currently developed that go beyond even those listed above. From spacecraft transportation to basic cooking needs, the future of solar energy is very bright indeed.