7 Tips for Improving Your Crowdfunding Efforts


It can be difficult to get a crowdfunding campaign noticed today. There are several competing products, services, and ideas out there at any given moment and that makes it hard to really stand out. With these 7 effective tips that have been proven to help a crowdfunding campaign find more success, you’ll have a better chance of achieving your goals.

1. Get on the Right Platform

Just because someone uses Kickstarter all of the time doesn’t mean that your crowdfunding campaign should also use the same site. You need to determine if an equity platform is better or if a rewards-based campaign is the way to go. If you’re not looking for permanent backers, then a platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo might be right for you. Otherwise you’ll want to look at a platform that will help you get actual shareholders to whom your business will be responsible.

2. Tell Your Story

Sharing the facts of your goods is important, but sharing the story behind your idea is more important. People use facts to verify the quality of a product, but more people will invest because they can relate to a story in some way.

3. What Problem Do You Solve?

People aren’t going to invest into an idea if it doesn’t solve some sort of problem that they have. You need to effectively communicate what problems can be solved with your idea and that put that into practical examples. When people know what’s in it for them, then you’ve created a higher level of perceived value than other campaigns and that will set you apart.

4. Engage

Even though we’re talking about backers with a crowdfunding campaign, it is still a business need at the core of every investment. People are more willing to invest into an idea when they have a relationship with the business behind the idea. Just look at the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign as a good example of this principle. Engage people, build relationships, and you’ll create revenues.

5. Find Notoriety

If you can have a notable name get involved with your crowdfunding campaign, then you’ll have a better chance for success. That notable name brings higher levels of trust and loyalty with it that will automatically be assigned to the idea you’re trying to promote.

6. Market Your Campaign

Just because you list a campaign on a crowdfunding site doesn’t mean that people will see it. You need to reach out to your core demographic in a meaningful way and market that campaign as you would any other product. Otherwise your idea might join all of the others that have raised $20 or less.

7. Know the Data

If you know what people are willing to contribute, then you can maximize contributions. This data can also help you find out what target conversion rates you’ll need, what marketing efforts may need to be implemented, and how many people you’ll need to reach in order to achieve your goals.