8 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy


According to a vast majority of scientists, the sun has been producing energy for our planet for billions of years. This makes it a consistent and renewable resource for energy production. Referred to as “solar energy,” using this resource allows us to avoid the consumption of fossil fuels, which contribute to adding carbon dioxide and other potential pollutants into our atmosphere.

Want to know some interesting facts about solar energy? Here are a few items of interest you may not have known about this renewable resource.

1. Solar energy comes in several different formats.

This is because the sun generates radiant light and heat. Solar energy can be harnessed through heating, thermal electricity, photo-voltaic panels, and even photosynthesis. Active and passive collectors are also available.

2. Demand for solar energy is at an all-time high.

Some solar energy companies are seeing 85% or higher spikes in demand for systems that take advantage of this renewable resource.

3. It has a significantly lower atmospheric impact.

When the lifespan of each power resource is evaluated, solar energy has one of the lowest overall impacts on the environment. This goes beyond greenhouse emissions that are created from the energy burning process. It also includes how solar collection items are manufactured and the environmental impact from those processes as well.

4. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to utilize solar energy.

If you hang your clothes out to dry outside while doing the laundry, then you’re taking advantage of solar energy.

5. Some products have been using solar energy for 50+ years.

The original silicon solar cell was built by Bell Laboratories in 1954. It was called an invention that would lead to a new era of energy development. In the 1960s during the space race, solar technology was used to create power for artificial satellites that were launched into orbit. Vanguard 1 is still using its solar cells after traveling an estimated 6 billion miles.

6. Solar energy can be stored in many different types of materials.

When utilizing a thermal storage system, the energy from the sun can be stored in many materials that have a high specific heat rating. This includes water and stone. You can even store solar energy in molten salts if you wanted.

7. Solar energy plants do take up a lot of space.

The largest solar power facility in the world is currently located in California. Situated in the Mojave Desert, it covers more than 1,000 acres of land space.

8. You probably have something that uses solar energy right now.

Many calculators are powered by solar energy. There are smartphones that can be powered by this energy as well. Small generators for apartments or off-grid living spaces will create electricity thanks to the power of the sun.

Thanks to industry innovations, rebate programs, and tax incentives, it is very affordable to invest into solar energy today. Give it a closer look with interesting facts like these to see if it could be right for you.