Best Crowdfunding Sites for Film Makers


Crowdfunding has become an essential part of the independent film-making process. Even major studios are starting to take notice of the success that films are having on a number of sites. If you’re thinking about creating your own movie and want advanced funding for it, then here are the 6 best sites that you can use right now.

1. Kickstarter

Film is the #2 category on this popular crowdfunding site and over $230 million has been pledged to date to the creation of projects. The most famous might be the Veronica Mars crowdfunded movie since it raised $5.7 million, but over 38,000 projects have met their fundraising goals. The one downside: you have to reach 100% of your goal to get funds.

2. Indiegogo

This platform doesn’t require 100% funding for your film project, but you’ll want to have it because the fees are 5% lower if you achieve your funding goal. You do get to keep all of the dollars that are pledged and some projects have been able to get over $2 million in total funding. In total, you’ll end up donating 10-15% of your total to processing fees, so keep that in mind for your budget.

3. Seed and Spark

For a different experience, this platform offers an all-in-one solution for those who love film. It has stricter guidelines and only great ideas that have real potential will make the grade. Every film project is reviewed and if approved, distribution and community interaction also occur. There’s also the option for supporters to add 5% to their pledge to cover credit card transaction fees.

4. Pozible

In a lot of ways, Pozible is a lot like Kickstarter, but it does have one true advantage: it accepts Bitcoin. With over $22 million raised for nearly 7,000 projects and multiple verticals included in the design, this could be the perfect niche platform for the next great idea in film.

5. Fundrazr

Although the focus is on Canadian independent film, international projects are accepted here. It isn’t just for film either, as medical fundraising, disaster relief, and other project styles are also accepted. The fees are a lot lower on this site – just 5% of the total plus credit card transaction fees, so you’ll get more of what you raise.

6. Host Your Own

If you’ve got a good population of followers, you can create your own funding campaign without any help from a platform. You’ll avoid fees, get direct results, and build even better relationships within your community.

No matter what type of film it is you want to create, there is a funding platform that can help you finance it right now. Start the planning phase today and let crowdfunding work its magic for you.