Charitable Crowdfunding Gets a New Life


Crowdfunding for life’s problems has become commonplace today. This platform is being used to help the homeless find new homes, vehicles for people who have to walk to work, and even to establish college funds for kids who lose their parents tragically. Thanks to Indiegogo Life, charitable crowdfunding has a new home so that people really can raise money for what matters the most.

Indiegogo Life is Personal Crowdfunding At Its Best

Personal and charitable crowdfunding can dramatically change a life. That’s the purpose behind Indiegogo’s new platform. People are able to raise money for themselves so that their needs can be met. Indiegogo has always allowed charitable campaigns, but bringing them all together in one place makes a lot of sense.

Why? Because it brings people to a platform who are already in the mood to be a cheerful giver. It also gives the personal and charitable crowdfunders the chance to avoid service transaction fees. This platform also gives Indiegogo the chance to finally catch up to Kickstarter in terms of industry influence.

Kickstarter still hosts 1.3x the amount of completed projects compared to Indiegogo.

The Strengths of Indiegogo Are Subtle

Indiegogo has always attempted to differentiate itself away from Kickstarter. Instead of being all-in on a campaign, Indiegogo has allowed partial funding if goals aren’t 100% met. With Indiegogo Life, the distinction will become even stronger. Kickstarter doesn’t allow crowdfunding for charitable causes whatsoever.

Kickstarter has loosened some of its rules. After all, potato salad got $50k worth of funding when in the past it wouldn’t have even been allowed. What Kickstarter is avoiding, however, is the humanitarian crowdfunding space and Indiegogo is willing to take it on by diving in head-first.

So what is a personal cause? With Indiegogo Life, people will be able to raise money for virtually anything. Pay your medical bills. Take a dream vacation. Spend it on your kids so they have Christmas presents. The choices are up to each campaign creator. The challenges are going to be the same, however, as they are with any other crowdfunding campaign.

If people don’t feel engaged to the campaign, then they won’t care about it. Period.

Indiegogo Life helps the global community actually become a community. That one fact breathes new life into crowdfunding in 2015 and beyond.