Doing Something For the Planet Through Crowdfunding


In the 1996 movie Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum’s character is trying to encourage others to save the planet through recycling. Doing social good has evolved over the last two decades from putting out blue bins to starting crowdfunding campaigns that will begin brand new recycling programs, drill wells in drought-stricken areas, and other social causes. Almost $4 billion was raised in 2014 alone to perform socially conscious work.

If you want to give involved to begin doing something good for the world, your country, or even just your community, then here’s what you’ve got to do.

1. Find a Need And Then Set a Goal.

There must be a need that can be met in a tangible way. The results must be able to be measured. Once you can find this need, then you’ll need to budget an exact amount that will be required to meet that need. People will donate to a good cause if they know you’ll be a good financial steward.

2. Create Apparel.

When your cause is supported, it makes those who participated feel good about themselves. Designing apparel that helps them remember this good feeling not only gives you another way to raise money, but it also provides an affordable way to create brand ambassadors.

3. Rally Your Network.

Get everyone you know involved in promoted your campaign. Consider creating tie-in pages online that connect directly to your crowdfunding efforts. This will let everyone in your community be able to find a way to participate on their own time and at their own level.

4. Share Their Stories.

When raising money for a good cause, most contributors don’t want to know your story. They want to know the stories of those that they are going to help. What can a fresh source of water do for a village that has to hike miles for a clean water source? Or how does a local community shelter help to keep people safe and help them get back on their feet? Every story you share offers an average of over $100 in donations.

5. Report Your Results.

When people see results, they contribute more. Many will even contribute the extra amount needed to cover platform and credit card transaction fees. Always stay in contact with those who connect with your campaign and you’ll get financial results when you create tangible results.

You don’t need to repel an alien invasion to save the world. Sometimes all you’ve got to do is improve one life and crowdfunding can help you do just that.