Expert Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Tips


Indiegogo might not be everyone’s favorite crowdfunding platform, but it definitely has its own advantages. If you’ve struggled to meet your goals in the past when using this platform, then these tips will help you exceed your goals if you’re willing to put in the sweat equity. Here’s what you’ve got to do.

1. Get People Involved.

People need to do more than just place early orders for products or receive a simple “Thank You” message. They need to connect with what is being offered and the project itself in some way. When people have a connection to the project, even a remote one, then they’ll help to promote it.

2. Never Use a Form Letter.

Having general updates on your campaign is a good thing, but you’ll also want to take the individual approach with every person who gets involved. Don’t rely on tweets or messages to get through. Reach out through the platform, go where they are, and engage with them on a 1-on-1 basis. The personal contact creates the connection that will encourage people to continue staying involved with the project.

3. Put Your Message Out When It Will Be Seen.

You might be up at 2am working on your Indiegogo campaign, but most of your customer segment is going to be tucked in tight. Your message isn’t going to be seen very often if you’re posting updates or sending messages at off hours. Stick to the early morning and late afternoon windows for personal projects and the mid-day hours for business projects.

4. Your Price Point Matters.

The average price point of a reward across all crowdfunding platforms hovers around $25. You’ll have supporters who give more, but many who will give less. Think carefully about the structure of rewards and their costs to maximize the contributions that will be received.

Most people contribute because of their past experiences or the chance to collaborate. Your Indiegogo can be a huge success, but you’ll need to work on these four tips before, during, and after your campaign to experience it.