Getting Your Kickstarter Campaign In Local Media


If you want your crowdfunding campaign to get local exposure, you’re going to need the local press to cover the campaign in some way. This means you’ll need to speak with local reporters or editors about why they should give you some free press. Here are some top ways to give yourself the best chance of getting a mention in the media.

1. You Need To Stand Out in Some Way

Media sources get dozens of press releases every day from people just like you. They all want free press. In order to get noticed, you need to make your pitch stand out. If you can help local people, then keep it simple and tell the press why being successfully funded will help everyone. If you’re relevant, you’ll get noticed.

2. Avoid the Buzzwords

Reporters hate buzzwords more than their editors do. You’re not creating an SEO site. You’re writing a press release that needs to have real information in it. If it’s filled with jargon and buzz, it’s going to get deleted.

3. Your Timing is Critical

Many people throw in their pitch to a reporter during the weekend. This means your early Monday morning email is going to get lost in the shuffle. Pick a Tuesday or Wednesday instead and send it off around 6am.

4. Personalized Mass Emails Work

If you spend 1 hour every day sending a form letter that can be personalized to each reporter, you’ll be able to spread out more awareness of your campaign. Even if you don’t get a story, that contact might tell someone about your email and that person might look you up and support you.

5. Your Expertise Pays Off

If you are a local expert in your field of industry, then you’ll automatically receive attention with a crowdfunding campaign. The local media will want to interview you because there’s value in the information that you can provide. Build up your reputation before you start your crowdfunding campaign and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

6. The Facts Matter

As much as people hate statistics, facts and figures sell. They are seen as proof of a concept. If you can throw in provable data about how your crowdfunding campaign will improve your local community, then people will identify with it and that will create extra levels of support.

Most importantly, you’ve got to create content that writes itself. Reporters hate writing about stuff that they aren’t interested in, so make their job easier for them. Create original content that they can put their byline on and you’ll get local press that specifically targets what you want and your local reporter gets credit for a job well done.

That’s a win/win situation for local crowdfunding press if there ever was one. If you know how to pitch a local reporter for press, then you’ll get more attention. That will help you have a better chance to raise the money that you need for your campaign.