Holistic Crowdfunding Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Work


Governments around the world right now are trying to make sure that crowdfunding regulations are staying independent of start-up and growth systems for businesses. The idea is that this separation will help to push backer initiatives and even job growth. There’s just one problem: holistic crowdfunding can be a lot of work. There’s one truth about politics that is universal. When there’s a great idea, it will be pushed politically, but no one wants to put in the hard work.

Thankfully holistic crowdfunding doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. The implementation of holistic crowdfunding can be an extremely simple, straightforward process if these specific truths are recognized.

1. Backers Should be Supported

We’ve developed this idea that it is better to put our money into containers and bury them into savings accounts that have an interest rate of 0.11%. There is no growth that will happen with low interest rates. Any system of holistic crowdfunding must encourage and support backers to take educated risks so that the global economy can experience growth. This can be done if a supportive ecosystem is installed.

2. Recognize That There Are Different Forms of Equity

There are two basic classifications for business in today’s world: public and private. This has worked for us in the past, but it might not work for a holistic system of crowdfunding. A business has numerous stakeholders that are associated with it and there are various forms of equity, such as sweat equity, which should be recognized in addition to traditional investments.

3. Crowdfunding is For Everyone

The problem that we’re ultimately seeing with crowdfunding today is that only businesses with a tradition or reputation for success are seen as contenders on this capital platform. That just isn’t true. This is the advantage of holistic crowdfunding. It is seen as something that all companies can use to accomplish their goals instead of being only for those companies that have managed to put themselves into the fast lane.

4. Crowdfunding Is For Each Backer As Well

The average person doesn’t even know what being an “accredited” backer means. Most of them don’t even care. They just know that they’ve got some spare cash on hand and they want to invest it into an opportunity that makes sense for them and could bring in some profits. Holistic crowdfunding rules that are realistic and match what each backer’s profile happens to be will help to fuel a lot more economic growth.

5. There Must Be An Enhanced Level of Transparency

Failures are happening in the crowdfunding world because businesses aren’t being required to be as transparent as they should be. Holistic crowdfunding opens up the doors to transparency because it shows there is value in the open communication between a backer and a business. Crowdfunding campaigns will show the future potential, past results, and what backers should expect… even for rewards-based campaigns.

Holistic crowdfunding, if implemented, can help to give this industry more traction than it has ever had before. The definition of fairness is basic: everyone gets the same chance at the beginning. That’s what a holistic approach will bring to this platform.