How To Give Yourself the Best Chance to Succeed At Kickstarter


More than half of the projects on Kickstarter don’t reach their targeted goals. Even though there are over $1 billion pledges placed on the platform and more than 130,000 projects have been funded, not everyone tastes the success they want. Don’t just settle for being grateful if your Kickstarter campaign does manage to meet its goals. Here’s how you can give yourself the best chance to succeed.

1. Get Started Early.

A solid campaign begins before it goes live on Kickstarter. Take 30 days before the expected start of the campaign and begin promoting your ideas. Get people on board and excited for the start of the campaign. Build marketing lists, talk with family and friends, and discuss commitment levels. This will help to prove your concept before you ever take it public.

2. Keep It Short.

Campaigns that stretch on to the 60 day mark last forever in the minds of an backer. Keep your campaign periods short. After 30 days of pre-campaign work, keep your campaign live for just 30 days or less as well. Then plan on 30 days of after-campaign work to finalize your relationships.

3. Make Your Video Viral-Ready.

What is going to promote your campaign socially more than anything else is your video. Make the production value as high as you can afford, have it be engaging, and create something that people will want to share even if they aren’t a backer. A little humor, a working prototype, and easy-to-consume information are the three key points here that can’t be ignored.

4. Know Your Customer Segment.

The best results come from knowing what your customers can afford. A price point that is too high will drive people away, even if the rewards are enticing. The average price point on Kickstarter is $25. Your price point might even be lower than that depending on your industry.

Kickstarter can help every good idea prove itself in a short period of time. These tips will help to give you the best chances of success, so be sure to included them with your next Kickstarter campaign.