How To Make a Great Crowdfunding Video


The quality and content of your crowdfunding video is what will set your campaign apart from all of the rest that are trying to get the same cash you want to have. Hundreds of thousands of campaigns are launched every year and they provide a better chance to experience success. A bad video, however, could stop your momentum cold.

That’s why you need to know how to make a great crowdfunding video. Above all else, you must be authentic in your presentation. If it seems like your ideas are not plausible or you come across as a con artist, then even if you have one of the best ideas the world has ever seen, you won’t find funding. Always be yourself.
You may also wish to consider these additional ideas to help make your video speak loud and proud about your campaign against all the white noise the competition throws up as interference.

1. You’re Not Creating An Epic Movie.

Most people won’t even read a 500 word blog post today, so why would someone watch a 10 minutes sales presentation? The videos on crowdfunding platforms which tend to be the most successful are short and succinct. If you’ve hit 3 minutes in length, then you’ve gone too far. 2-3 minutes is about right to make your point without being boring and repetitive.

2. The Quality Of The Video Matters.

If all you’re trying to do is raise money for some high quality potato salad or satisfy your craving for a slushee at the local convenience store, then taking out your iPhone to record the video will probably work. For everyone else, the video recording and editing process matters. Without high definition audio and video, you’re going to turn a lot of potential contributors away.

3. Give Your Brand a Simple Message.

People associate the information they’ve seen to the brand it represents. This means you must incorporate visual elements into your video that can become reflective of your brand. Then, when this brand is seen again somewhere else, the person who viewed your video will remember the information it contained. If you can also incorporate images of how your product or idea works with elements that represent your brand, then you have an even better chance of staying at the top of a contributor’s mind.

4. Tell Your Story.

A video that isn’t telling a story is a video that will make eyes glaze over rather quickly. If being authentic for you means spouting out a ton of facts and statistics, you can still make this happen while discussing the foundations of your idea or product. Why did you get involved with this business venture in the first place? How do you define yourself as a person or an organization? This is why backers want to see when they encounter your crowdfunding campaign video for the first time. Give it to them and you’ll have a better chance of success.

5. Instead Of Show And Tell, It’s Show Don’t Tell.

Potential backers don’t want to hear you talk about all of the awesome benefits and market opportunities of your idea. They want to see your idea in action. Show your product in action. If you don’t have a prototype made, then let people see the plans for the product or idea so they can create their own visualization. Backers want to see your face because they want to know whom they’re going to support, but they also want to know what the product is going to do. You’d be surprised at how many people actually miss this critical component of the video creation process.

6. Tug On The Emotional Heart Strings.

When you watch a movie or TV show, there are three elements that you’re experiencing: visual dimensions, dialogue, and background music. Music creates an emotional connection to what the eyes are seeing. Without it, all you see is an actor staring down a dark street and muttering something to themselves. Your video needs background music that fits the mood you’re trying to establish.

7. Finish With a Convincing Call To Action.

This is what will make or break a deal when backers are on the fence. If it seems like you’re begging and pleading for cash, then you’re going to give those backers a laugh and they’ll look at a different campaign. Just be honest about the ask. Let people know why you need the cash, what you plan to do with it, and what their benefits are going to be as a supporter. Short and direct wins the day here.

Knowing how to make a great crowdfunding video takes your campaign from a 30% chance of success to a 50/50 opportunity. Follow these tips as you create the video and you’ll be able to maximize your crowdfunding opportunities today.