How To Turn Your Consumers Into Investors


Many entrepreneurs, especially women, are finding it difficult to get a community of investors built to support them. One of the most under-served groups that could be potential investors aren’t found on crowdfunding platforms or online forums. They’re the people who place orders with your business every day.

You don’t have to raise millions of dollars or have an office at the most expensive location in your community to be successful. Sometimes success can be found by building upon the cornerstones of your business that are already in place. Here’s how you can turn your consumers into investors.

1. People Vote With Their Wallets.

If you’ve already got consumers coming to you on a regular basis, then you have solved a problem for them and deliver upon a promised value proposition. Build upon that success by inviting them to invest into the next great idea you have that can solve even more problems for them.

2. People Want To Invest Into What They Know.

Every investment opportunity is based upon a relationship. A strong bond creates a strong investment opportunity. Your consumers already know who you are and what you can do. Use that to your advantage as you seek more capital.

3. Empower Your Consumers.

Many consumers are first-time investors, so they are hesitant to get involved. Instead of trying to persuade them to do something that they’re unsure about, give them the tools to use so they can learn about investing as they begin this exciting new journey.

4. Be Excited About Your Idea To Make An Impact.

If you’re not excited about the opportunities that are being developed, then why should your consumers? There must be passion behind each building effort on your part to transform consumers into investors.

5. Meet Challenges Head-On.

There can be no procrastination in this area. What needs to be done today should have probably been addressed yesterday. Consumers only see the end product. Investors see how you get to that end product. If you’re not committed to the process or willing to meet a challenge, then consumers won’t be committed to investing extra cash.

Knowing how to turn your consumers into investors can transform your business model. Your close relationships become closer. The community you build becomes a network that can help everyone involved find success. This process isn’t always easy, but when it is successful, it is tremendously successful.