New Crowdfunding Trends to Watch For


What should you be watching in the world of crowdfunding right now? Here are the emerging trends which we should all be watching that have the most potential of helping this method of raising capital to continue evolving.

1. Accredited Platforms Will Continue To Grow.

Accredited investors have already experienced the chance for equity crowdfunding, but only 3-5% of those investors actually are. Why is this? It’s because investors aren’t able to stay connected to opportunities. Expect the platforms which target accredited investors to utilize more social media tools to keep communication free and transparent.

2. There Will Be More Opportunities.

There is an amazing level of untapped potential in the crowdfunding world because everything right now is so structured. As platforms develop forums, deal rooms, and negotiation tools for investors to use with businesses and entrepreneurs, we’ll see even more growth in this industry.

3. Women Are Going To Dominate.

Women have already proven that they are better than men when it comes to fundraising. They are able to raise more money per campaign, meet their campaign goals more often, and encourage more investors to participate per campaign. Crowdfunding eliminates the preconceived notions that people have when it comes to gender roles in business, so more businesses will bring in women and this could finally eliminate the ceiling once and for all.

4. Charitable Causes Will Find It Easier To Meet Their Fundraising Goals.

One of the most exciting trends in crowdfunding is the donation campaign. Many households are using crowdfunding as a way to raise money for medical needs, emergency costs, and other situations. Non-profits are also using crowdfunding as an easy way to raise awareness for their programs and close funding gaps.

5. There Is An Amazing Selection Of New Industries Getting Involved.

From educational companies to artists that use recycled materials, just about every industry is finding a way to take advantage of the opportunities that crowdfunding has to offer. Public, private, and even sole proprietors are able to see their ideas come to fruition.

The world of crowdfunding is evolving into something magnificent. Keep an eye on these trends and watch how crowdfunding will be able to change the lives of many people over the coming years.