One Day Can Make or Break Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Most crowdfunding campaigns follow the same track of results. Much of the funding that is needed for a goal comes within the first 24 hours. There might be large amounts of follow-up in the first 7 days and many campaigns finish strong, but it is the first 24 hour window that will make you or break you. If you don’t get off to a good start in that first day, then your campaign will be on life-support throughout the remainder of its life.

How can you make sure to maximize the amount of exposure and impact that your next crowdfunding campaign can have? Here are some methods that have been proven to be successful so that the first 24 hours of a campaign can get the funding that is needed.

1. Start with Local Support

Crowdfunding might give you access to a global network of contributors, but really you need to have local support to really have success. Start using your network of people to talk about your campaign. Show them a good time and discuss how what you’ve got can help them out. Don’t be afraid to throw a party for your local contributors and don’t forget to invite your family and friends to the fun. These folks will become the foundation of your success.

2. Know What People Are Going to Want

One of the biggest tips for success to give people an upsell that they really want. To do this, you’ve got to be able to know your customers on an individual level. If you don’t have this relationship, then you won’t know what niches you can use to generate more funds. That can be difficult when you’re just starting up, so do this. Ask your initial backers what they love about your company and products. How would they enhance what you’ve got? Then take that feedback and feed it into your crowdfunding campaign.

3. It’s OK to Ask for Help

Although humanity gets a bad rap sometimes, and rightly so, there is one general thing that most humans are willing to do for other humans: help. It’s ok to ask for help. If people believe in who you are and what you can do, then people will be willing to support you in advance so that you can find success. If you’re willing to share in that success, then you’ll get support. If you make crowdfunding all about you, however, then the backers may just back away and save their money for another day.

4. Have Real Value That You Can Offer

If you aren’t able to offer something of value to people who are backing you, then you have nothing to offer. A simple “Thank You” might be nice to have in some circumstances, but ultimately people back a rewards-based crowdfunding platform for rewards. You must be able to solve the problems that someone has in an affordable, budget-friendly way to really get success. Look for ways you can do this outside of the product that you are offering so that you can be able to reach the most people in the widest variety of demographics.