Pros and Cons of 2nd Amendment


The Second Amendment gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, as interpreted recently by the Supreme Court. This means everyone who is qualified to own a gun in the US has the right to do so. This gives people the ability to better protect themselves, but it also makes more guns available that could be used in a violent way. Here are the key points to consider when evaluating the pros and cons of the 2nd Amendment.

The Pros of the 2nd Amendment

1. It gives people the chance to defend their families.
You never know when a thief might decide to break into a home or business. The Second Amendment gives people the right to effectively defend themselves through gun ownership should this occur.

2. It provides a check and balance against the government.
It is much more difficult for a government to take away the rights of citizens if that citizenship is armed. If actions are taken against the people, being armed allows the people to defend themselves against those who would attempt to take their rights away.

3. It helps to stop violence that does happen.
If someone has the right to be armed wherever they happen to be, then this allows them to stop those who would choose to commit violence with a gun right away. Carrying a weapon has saved numerous lives over the year during situations when gun violence has happened.

The Cons of the 2nd Amendment

1. There is no clear definition of what a militia happens to be.
If people have the right to form a militia in order to balance the government, then how does that militia defined? Absolute power corrupts absolutely and those who lead militia groups often become dangerous individuals because they desire to have even more power.

2. It doesn’t address the need many Americans have.
One of the last great stigmas that exists in the United States involves mental health. When most people have the right to own a gun, then those who struggle with their mental health have access to violent tools that could help them commit a crime without even realizing it.

3. It creates a foundation of violence for society.
If people become armed in order to defend themselves against others who are armed, then what happens is a replication of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. Arms escalation continues to happen so that threats can be deterred.

The pros and cons of the 2nd Amendment shows the right to defend oneself and pursue happiness must be carefully balanced. This right can easily be abused, but it can also save lives. That’s why it will likely always be considered a controversial part of the US government.