Pros and Cons of Airport Security


The recent terror attack at an airport in Belgium (as well as at a subway) has left many dead and raised questions about security. How can people be assured of their safety when someone can just walk in with a bomb undetected?

Michael Birnbaum, writing for The Washington Post, cites ethnic divisions as one of the reasons politicians in Belgium couldn’t agree on security policies. Birnbaum writes, “In part because of ethic divisions, Belgium has a kaleidoscope of police forces, security agencies and local authorities – each with a piece but not all of the responsibility for keeping an eye on militant threats and criminality.” While most will be in agreement that we still need airport security, it is also true that there are flaws to security in such places.

List of Pros of Airport Security

1. It offers travelers protection.
You have to submit your bags for inspection no matter where you go, be it to the largest airport in the world or a tiny airport in the Philippines. It’s not just your bags that you have to get inspected, you yourself have to be checked by body scanners and by security personnel. While it may seem such a hassle to have to remove items from your pocket or from your person, you must always think that it’s for your own good.

The 9/11 terror attacks have changed the way we travel; it has changed the way security is conducted as well. People want to be assured of their safety when inside the airport and during their flight. Security checks make this possible as potential threats to safety and security are checked even before stepping foot on the plane.

2. It is a source of employment.
Airports are always busy and always in need of people who are willing to take on demanding shifts. Just think about how many flights depart and arrive at airports around the world. Then think about the number of people that can board a plane for a local or international flight. Put those two thoughts together and you’ve got thousands of people who need to go through security. Just making sure everything flows smoothly requires the assistance of more than just one person. Put simply, there are employment opportunities at airports.

List of Cons of Airport Security

1. It has become more stricter.
Some airlines don’t allow passengers to bring bottled water on the plane, even when it was bought within the confines of the departure terminal or gate. This may cause problems for those on longer flights who constantly need to hydrate. While airlines do offer bottled water during the flight, some may prefer to bring a brand they are familiar and comfortable with.

Although airport security becoming stricter should be a pro, most see it as a con because some airports have become rather excessive in their security checks. Then again, all we have to think about is everything that’s being done is for our own good.

2. It doesn’t guarantee safety.
The recent attack in Belgium is proof that security checks at airports can fail.