Pros and Cons of Animal Euthanasia


In the United States and other parts of the world, pets are considered to be part of the family or best friends. Owners will go to great lengths to make sure they provide the best care for their pets. That is why, putting a pet to sleep can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. However, some will insist it is better to euthanize an animal rather than letting them suffer. Opposing proponents believe that euthanasia is unethical and that any person or pet should die naturally. Find out more about animal euthanasia by learning some of its pros and cons.

List of Pros of Animal Euthanasia

1. It can help with closure and saying goodbye on your own terms.
Losing beloved pets can be hard, and it can be an even more difficult experience when you know they died alone and you weren’t able to say goodbye or comfort them. You can feel guilty and even sadder. With euthanasia, you are able to decide when pets will be put to sleep, ensuring they die in the most dignified and comfortable way possible. You can gather everyone who is a part of your pets’ lives and make sure they are present so they can also say their goodbye and have closure.

2. It allows your pet to avoid unnecessary suffering.
Animals have shorter life spans than humans, so you will witness your pets age and become sick. They can become constantly ill as they grow older and will have difficulty even controlling their bowels. As their bones and other body parts become older, they will undergo a lot of pain. By putting them to sleep before their condition turns for the worst, you are helping them avoid too much suffering.

3. It saves you from a huge medical bill.
Veterinary fees are expensive. Even with pet insurance, paying for an ever growing medical bill can be challenging for some families as not everyone can afford such expenses. Euthanasia will help pets avoid suffering and will save you from veterinary bills that can skyrocket as your pets require more and more medical assistance when they get older.

List of Cons of Animal Euthanasia

1. It becomes a solution for population control.
When shelters are full beyond their capacity, putting some of the animals to sleep can become a last resort to avoid overpopulation. Instead, people should be encouraged to adopt more or support and fund shelters so they can take care of more animals.

2. It can be a go-to option when pet owners can’t afford medical treatment.
As mentioned before, not all families can afford expensive medical bills for their pets. And unlike human healthcare, where you can take a loan and pay it off when you get better or are released from the hospital, there aren’t many financing options for pet medical care. As a result, some owners may just decide to euthanize their pets just because they can’t afford to pay for veterinary treatment.

3. It is a difficult decision to make.
Aside from the ongoing debate whether it is ethical or not, euthanasia is an issue that can cause a lot of stress among families. It is difficult to imagine losing your best friend or family member, but knowing that you have to make the decision when they are going to leave can be even harder.

Nobody can tell you what the right decision is for your pet. So if you are struggling with the decision, you can talk to your veterinarian about your pets’ condition and ask for advice how to best help them.