Pros and Cons of Censorship


Censorship is the controlling or filtering of publication, speech or any information that is found to be sensitive, offensive or not fit for the public to see, hear or read. This can be practiced by an organization, group or a government. When it comes to types of government, censorship is often attributed dictatorship.

This has remained to be a contentious issue between advocates and those who are against it. To further look into this debatable topic, let us enumerate some of points of opposing groups about censorship.

List of Pros of Censorship

1. National Security
It is important to have some kind of censorship in the country, especially now that information is readily available in the internet. If the amount and kind of information anyone can access and disseminate online, terrorists will have limited access, if not, no access to pertinent information that they can use to cause harm. Conversely, people with bad intentions will not have a venue to persuade the public to join them.

2. Child Protection
If there is censorship, children will not be exposed to pornography and other sensitive issues that are not good for them. If there is no censorship, it will be legal for enterprising individuals to upload violent and pornographic content. Censorship limits what materials children are exposed to.

3. Peace and Order
When it comes to disasters and calamities, people can easily get affected once they panic. If there is no censorship, it will be easy for people to spread rumors and cause havoc. Censorship can limit what can be shown on television and published on newspapers.

List of Cons of Censorship

1. Lies
When it comes to a dictatorial type of government, the leader can control the media and newspapers, even the internet. If a government leader is corrupt, he or she can easily keep the atrocities from the people and instead, come up with news and information showing a good image of him or her. Instead of people knowing the truth, they will be living in lies.

2. Constitutional Rights Violation
Censorship cuts the right of the people when it comes to free speech and self- expression. Opponents of censorship say that this is a violation of the people. If rallies and demonstrations will not be allowed in society, the public will not be able to express their views. This also includes news media and television. Dictators often control television networks and prohibit airing of news which can harm their reputation.

3. Art Suppression
Art has many forms and this includes painting, writing, entertainment and speech. With censorship, all these can be controlled and even totally be banned. Many people believe that art is a form of self-expression and no one should be prevented from obtaining and giving out information, let alone, show one’s talent, like graffiti and other artwork.
Censorship will always remain a divisive issue between supporters and critics. People will always express different views but it boils down to one thing, it should have limitations of its own.