Pros and Cons of Composting


Composting helps to break down organic materials so they can be returned to the soil. It is a way to provide nutrients so that more incredible things can be grown. There are some pros and cons to considered when starting a compost pile to determine if creating one is the right choice to make.

The Pros of Composting

1. It helps the environment.
Composting is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste that is disposed of on a regular basis. Organic materials like food scraps or lawn clippings can all be placed into the bin or pile being used and just like recycling, this helps the environment.

2. It is very affordable.
It literally costs nothing to begin composting today. Some households may need to purchase a storage pin or materials to create a place for the compost to pile up. Others can just pick a corner of their property and begin composting right away.

3. It conserves resources.
Having compost on hand helps homes be able to reduce the amount of water, fertilizers, and even pesticides or herbicides that need to be used to grow items. In return, money gets saved whenever compost is applied.

The Cons of Composting

1. It can create odors.
Composting doesn’t generally create odors, but it can be extremely pungent under certain circumstances. When compost gets wet and stays wet or when there are a number of food items added at one time that begin to degrade, composting creates some bothersome smells.

2. It takes a lot of work.
If someone is not using a composting bin that has a stirring handle or will automatically turn, then it takes a lot of work to create a viable pile. Not only does someone need to turn it manually then, but there may be certain materials that shouldn’t be added to the pile as it will make manual turns difficult.

3. It takes space.
Even if a household is only using a small bin that automatically turns, it will wind up requiring at least some sort of spacial commitment. For some small properties, this could make the starting a compost pile difficult to do.

Composting helps the environment by removing materials from the waste stream. With a little work and odor control, it is an easy way for many homes to start saving money as soon as today.