Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Animals


Should animals be genetically modified even if the action provides humanity with specific benefits? There are certain ethical questions that must be answered with this subject, as well as certain key points about the technology itself. Here are the pros and cons of genetically modified animals.

The Pros of Genetically Modified Animals

1. It offers potential solutions for public health issues.
What if animals could be bred to carry natural antibodies against common deadly diseases that humans face every day? This natural resistance would be another step toward extending natural human lifespans.

2. More food products could be created.
To some extent, genetic modification has happened throughout history already. Animals that create more meat are bred with others to change the evolutionary tract of the animal. The end result is more food that can feed a hungry population.

3. It may improve the quality of life for the animals that are created.
Animals can also be genetically modified to have an improved life. This may include longer lifespans, better adaptability to changing environments, and other features that can make an animal more competitive in its natural habitat.

The Cons of Genetically Modified Animals

1. There always seem to be unforeseen changes when genetics are modified.
When one benefit is finally achieved, there tends to be an equal and opposite reaction somewhere else. Despite all the efforts to genetically modify an animal, a random mutation can ruin all of the science.

2. It may harm the animal at the expense of humanity.
How we treat others helps to define who we are as a people. If we are willing to treat animals poorly for our benefit, what becomes the next step in the process? Sacrificing humans that don’t contribute to expectations as well.

3. It could create allergies.
Genetically modified animals may provide more food and better nutrition, but the changes could also develop an allergic resistance to the food source. Over time, it may mean fewer people get fed because of the scientific alterations that have occurred.

The pros and cons of genetically modified animals show that this developing science has positives and negatives that must be carefully balanced. Even outside of any ethical considerations, the alteration of a natural evolutionary cycle of an animal could have consequences we’ve not even considered. That’s why this subject should be approached very carefully.