Pros and Cons of Joining the Army


Armies, war veterans, and freedom fighters – these real-life heroes risk their lives so that others may live freely and peacefully. An army is one of the noblest occupations anyone can have, and it is one of the riskiest, too. Before you sign up, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of joining the army, as knowing them helps you make the best decision in life.

List of Pros of Joining the Army

1. Free Schooling
Some people do not ever get to college or graduate mainly because of financial issues. But when you join the army, your college tuition and other expenses are already paid for through the GI Bill. After 10 years of active duty, your GI Bill becomes transferable to your spouse or kids.

2. Job Security
You are sure to land a job (in the army). While others are worrying about employment, you already have a position waiting for you while you are in college. Once in the army, you rarely have fear of layoffs. As long as you remain faithful to your duty and you stay alive – you will always have a job.

3. Paid Vacation
The army gets double the paid vacation leave credits that regular employees get. And these vacation leave credits may be accumulated and spent in one go. This gives you a chance to spend time with family who you otherwise do not get to see when you are assigned somewhere far.

4. Travel Benefits
Now, the army may be sent to some of the most dangerous places on the planet, but that’s free travel right there. And it is not like there is always war where the army is sent.

5. Freebies
The army is afforded so many benefits such as free flights and discounts. When you say you are an army, establishments normally give you special discounts or freebies because well, you are the country’s hero and you deserve it.

6. Best Training
It is the coolest thing in the world to get your survival training and fighting skills from the best of the best. All those rigorous exercise and training will always come in handy.

List of Cons of Joining the Army

1. Leaving Family
Despite the paid leaves, you cannot just be with your family when duty calls. Often, the army is away from home for several months, years, or indefinitely, depending on the situation. Sometimes, the army comes home in a coffin.

2. Life and Death Risks
There is always the risk of not coming home whole or alive. You may come home alive, but full of injuries, disabilities, or amputations. When you come home, there are three possibilities – you are alive and well, you are alive but unwell, and you are dead. There is also the possibility of your dead body not ever making it home.

3. Lack of Control
No matter your rank in the army, you will never have full control over your life. whatever your plans are – getting married, going abroad, or taking classes – you need to ask permission from your superiors. They are watching your every move.

4. No Quitters
It is imperative that you finish your years of service because there is no way you can quit once you are in. The only ways for you to quit is to become an inutile or a criminal. You also do not have the right to be sick, unless your situation is a matter of life and death.

5. Regulated Look
Along with your position and reputation, you must look your best – your army best. You cannot look sloppy or dirty, unless you are at war for like weeks or months. The army has the most rigid grooming standards, and you need to look your part given the very little time to prepare.

6. Intense Daily Routine
Since training days, your daily routine is very demanding and intense. You wake up early, workout so hard, go to battle, and often eat little and rest little – and in all of these you cannot complain or be sick.

7. Kill Someone
For most people, killing someone can be gravely traumatic. But when you are in the army, you better have the nerves to kill or be killed.