Pros and Cons of Marxism


Karl Marx was always a challenging individual. He asked questions, challenged his teachers, and eventually found himself working as a political journalist. Marx’s father encouraged him to study the law as a child and this, combined with his adult experiences, created what we call Marxism today. Here are the pros and cons of his ideas.

Here Are the Pros of Marxism

1. It creates a system of true equality.
Although the system of government is what would be considered communism, there is an emphasis placed on human rights. Marxism has equal gender roles, education access, and health care as part of its foundation.

2. It protects the rights of unions.
Instead of being exploited by their managers, Marxism encourages the formation of unions to stand up for personal rights. This creates a system of checks and balances so that a maximum level of production can be achieved.

3. Debt is a rarity.
Under Marxism, communities are working together in order to achieve their success. Farmers farm. Doctors heal. Manufacturers created needed goods. Everyone comes together to provide for each other with the government distributing resources as needed.

Here Are the Cons of Marxism

1. It eliminates the concept of private ownership.
Under Marxism, there is no private property ownership. You are given a place to live because you are part of a community who is contributing to the common good. This means you may not have much control over where you live or what you do to help contribute.

2. It abolishes religion.
You are free to have your own faith in Marxism, but you are not free to practice it in an organized way. Religion ultimately places one group of people in a superior role over others and this goes against the ideas of equality that Marx had.

3. There are no opportunities for entrepreneurs.
If you are in the business world under Marxism, then you’re working for the government. You aren’t going to be an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or be able to open your own diner. Everything runs through the government.

The pros and cons of Marxism show encouraging benefits because of the emphasis in equality, but also show that this system of government could be easy to abuse. Karl Marx saw problems and attempted to fix them through this philosophy. By examining the key points he created, we can each move toward a community and economy that best benefits everyone.