Pros and Cons of Teenage Curfew


Should parents impose teenage curfew on their children? Is it proper for the government to make teenage curfew a law? This issue has been discussed by different groups and still remains a contentious topic. With the increase in crime rates, teenage curfew might seem to be a solution. But is it really? Let us take a look at its benefits and setbacks.

List of Pros of Teenage Curfew

1. Teenage Safety.
Advocates for teenage curfew posit that setting a limit to teenagers when it comes to staying out especially at night reduces the risk that these kids will get injured or be put in harm’s way. Crimes can happen anywhere even in the safest of places and if these teenagers are still out late at night, they become prone to be victims of crimes and accidents. Conversely, if they at home earlier, they are safer and parents will also be more at peace, knowing their kids are at home with them.

2. Sense of Responsibility.
Teenage curfew teaches young boys and girls about responsibility. If they know that they have t follow rules at home, they will acquire a sense of responsibility which will prepare them when they go out to the real world and become adults. Also, setting a curfew for teenagers is also a way to instill discipline in children. If they learn discipline at a young age along with other values, they will grow up as mature adults and good people.

3. Peace of Mind.
Parents who let their children follow rules at home such as giving them curfew lessens the stress of having to wait up for their sons and daughters. By knowing their teenage children will be home at a certain time, they will not have to worry because they are aware of the time these kids will be home.

List of Cons of Teenage Curfew

1. Rebellious Attitude.
Critics of teenage curfew say that this often results to children becoming rebellious to their parents because they feel suffocated and choked. In the end, this can even end up with negative reactions from kids especially when they are in the age of adolescence.

2. Curtail of Freedom.
People who are against the implementation of teenage curfew argue that this practice suppresses the freedom of individuals. This can have a negative connotation on teenagers especially if their friends do not have curfews at home. For opponents, this takes away the freedom and right of teenagers to socialize and be with other people.

3. Not an Assurance.
Opponents also claim that imposing teenage curfew does not ensure that boys and girls will be safe because there are also crimes that happen in the home. Moreover, even if there is a set curfew and the parents are not at home, it is easy for these kids to sneak out and pretend they are comfortably in their rooms without the parents finding out. Teenage curfew is not an assurance of safety. When it comes to teenage curfew being implemented as a law, the punishment or repercussions might be too harsh for these kids. If this is the case, then their safety is still jeopardized.