Pros and Cons of Overpopulation


Humans are expected to number 10 billion individuals by the year 2050. Some experts believe that only 5 billion people can be supported on this planet as it is. Overpopulation is a subject that we will need to consider in the coming decades, so here are some of the current pros and cons to think about.

What Are the Pros of Overpopulation?

1. It means that there are more minds in action.
Human ingenuity is something that cannot really be measured. With 10 billion minds on the planet actively trying to find solutions to the problems we face, there are some great things that could be achieved.

2. We could make the world a better place.
The United Nations estimates that 25% of the world’s agriculture land is dedicated to livestock pasture. By being forced to look at alternative food options, we could literally make the world a better place because we’d be more efficient at what we do.

3. It allows people to continue living life as they would.
Overpopulation means that families are living longer, having children, and chasing their dreams. These are all good things that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue.

What Are the Cons of Overpopulation?

1. It may create scarce resources.
If we are unable to locate the new sources of nutrition that can feed 10 billion people, then resources are going to become scarce. This will inevitably lead to conflict as people try to look out for their own needs at a cost to everyone else.

2. There would be less overall space to utilize.
Homes would need to become more compact. Urban environments would begin to take precedence over rural environments. Agriculture space would inevitably become a corporate responsibility so that population numbers could be effectively managed.

3. It could limit job opportunities.
With 10 billion people on the planet and finite amount of job opportunities available, more people will find themselves struggling to earn enough to survive.

Overpopulation is generally considered to be a bad thing to have happen. It is also going to happen, whether we like it or not. By evaluating the pros and cons of this subject today, we can better prepare for the future and put plans in place that will help us all survive.