The Rise of Foodie Crowdfunding


Many crowdfunding platforms are seeing success rates in the 40-50% range. Some platforms have even adopted policies that allow for any monies raised to be given, even if a goal isn’t 100% achieved. At Barnraiser, you won’t find numbers like this. They’re even better. 82% of the campaigns that are on this niche crowdfunding site for foodies, in fact, are 100% funded.

The average amount that gets raised is $12,000. According to founder Eileen Gordon Chiarello, there is a lot of potential in the under $30k project range. Barnraiser has seen projects that have built new creamery barns in Nebraska to a new oven for a wood-fired bakery on the East Coast.

What sets Barnraiser apart from the rest of the crowdfunding industry is its ability to let people tell their own stories. Instead of pitting everyone against each other, Chiarello is encouraging everyone to work together in a cohesive way so that everyone can win. The biggest marketing push, in fact, is the community first attitude. That’s not something always seen in the business world – especially today.

What Else Makes Barnraiser Different?

There are some rules that a crowdfunding campaign must follow in order to be considered for Barnraiser. Above anything else, the project must be able to promote sustainability and better health in some way. Each project must also seek to raise a minimum of $2,000. According to Chiarello, this is because the needle needs to be moved a little in order for an impact to be made.

The results have been very promising. Barnraiser has seen the number of unique visitors double on a monthly basis. So have the total number of projects that are within the pipeline. The success has even led this startup to consider their own round of fundraising in the fall to work with the Angel investments that have helped to get this crowdfunding platform off the ground already.

Barnraiser might be a little different with its focus, but it is also proving that women can dominate in the crowdfunding industry. Half of all the projects are created by women and most of the backers on the site to date are also women.