Route 91: Uncovering The Cover-Up Of The Vegas Mass Shooting


This documentary was produced by actress and former Nevada Congressional candidate, Mindy Robinson. Information-wise, this is the best video on the Las Vegas Shooting that I’ve seen, with incredible cell phone videos and data points never publicized before.

October 1, 2017 was a day that will live in infamy.

58 people were killed at the Route 91 country music concert in Las Vegas and 411 were wounded, with the ensuing panic bringing the number of injured to 867, in what is officially called the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in United States history.

However, it is clear from the hundreds of cellphone videos posted by concertgoers and other witnesses to the events in Las Vegas that there was more than one shooter at the scene and that the official story about James Paddock being the “Lone Nut” who did this all by himself was false. Two weeks later, the media essentially stopped reporting on the event.

As I covered at the time, shots were not just being fired at the concert audience from the direction of the Mandalay Bay hotel but also from the opposite direction, down on the street.

There were also many reports of gunfire coming from three helicopters hovering next to the Mandalay Bay hotel, whose flights were tracked by air traffic control until their transponders were abruptly shut off.

There were also reports of heavy gunfire inside more than a dozen resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, including the Tropicana, NYNY, Planet Hollywood , the Flamingo, the Bellagio, the Delano, Luxor, MGM Grand, Hooters, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Miracle Mile Shopping, Paris, Caesar’s Palace and Harrah’s. There were also reports of gunfire and a hostage situation at the nearby Las Vegas Airport.

All of this was confirmed seven months later when a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) by the Associated Press and local Las Vegas media outlets yielded 2,000 pages of information previously withheld from the public – even though the AP never reported on it.

Why did the AP sue to have these documents released and then not publish a word about what was in them?

I’m happy to see that Mindy Robinson included parts of two videos that I made at the time, including one by a young man named Gio Rios who did a livestream on Facebook and which I was lucky enough to download before he removed it from his profile.

The presentation is extremely damning for the FBI and for the Las Vegas Metro Police, whose officers were ordered to sign NDAs, barring them from ever talking about what happened that night and who were ordered to turn off their bodycams. Thankfully, one K-9 officer kept his bodycam on for some of the time, which we see here!

The main takeaway is that the Las Vegas Shooting involved much more than the Route 91 concert. People were shot to death in businesses up and down the Las Vegas Strip. There were shooters – and dead bodies – found all over the area. This is not part of the official narrative, that wants to place everything at the Route 91 concert.

For seasoned investigators of this disgusting mass murder of innocent citizens, the examination of the forensic data begins at about 80 minutes in.