Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons List


Stem cell research is one of the more controversial areas of medical research that is currently being pursued today. Stem cells may come from adults, but science has determined that embryonic stem cells are more viable for medical advancements. There are some pros and cons to consider with this research, as indicated by the list below.

The Pros of Stem Cell Research

1. It may help a wide variety of medical problems, including birth defects and spinal cord injuries.
2. Organ development therapies could reduce transplant waiting list times.
3. The risks of treatment rejection could be reduced.
4. Cancer cures may be development.
5. Stem cell research provides an economic benefit.
6. Stem cells can be turned into new cells of virtually any type that can benefit the human body.
7. Future diseases may be effectively treated through today’s research.
8. Genetic diseases may be able to be better treated or even cured.
9. It may prolong human life spans.
10. It reduces the need for animal research and testing.
11. Common health problems, such as heart disease, could lower the levels of preventable deaths that occur every year.

The Cons of Stem Cell Research

1. It brings up an ethical question of whether or not humans are “playing God.”
2. Stem cells may be coded with specific information that cannot be changed.
3. The technology is still in its infancy, which means stem cell development is unpredictable.
4. It may lead to cloning technology or other negative consequences that are unexpected.
5. Humans with stem cell treatments or therapies may be separated into a different class.
6. When obtained from cord blood or adults, stem cells are minimal in count for research.
7. Funding has been limited in stem cell research fields for over 10 years.

Is It Ethical To Use Stem Cells For Research?

In evaluating the list of pros and cons from stem cell research, every avenue comes back to one central question: is this an ethical practice? That is a question that must be asked on an individual level. By weighing these pros and cons, you’ll be able to come up with your own position on the matter.