The 4 Largest Crowdfunding Markets In Europe


Crowdfunding isn’t just seeing success in the US. It is a platform for investing that is exploding across all of Europe. With 27 countries allowing the practice and more expected to join in 2015, there are billions of dollars being raised for numerous opportunities.

If you’re thinking about getting involved in European crowdfunding, then here are the top 4 markets from 2014 statistics.

1. United Kingdom

With an industry that is worth €3.56 billion, the UK is definitely benefiting from the fact that it was one of the earliest adopters of crowdfunding as a source of investment capital. A regulatory system has been in place for a decade. New tax breaks for P2P lending looks to push this total even higher for 2015. Add in the equity fundraising that is also allowed and the UK is the place to be.

2. France

With over 70 platforms available right now, the French have seen their crowdfunding industry rapidly develop over the past 24 months. With a value estimated at €253 million, France might be in second place in Europe, but they are far behind the UK. New regulations are in place for 2015 that will help make it easier for new campaigns to launch, so the growth in France may continue for some time.

3. Germany

Germany was also adopted crowdfunding fairly early on, but they haven’t seen much success. With €236 million raised in 2014, what is notable about the German market is that it is almost all P2P lending. New laws in Germany, however, are expected to have a detrimental effect on the industry. Advertising and disclosure regulations are in place for 2015 and this could drop Germany further down the list.

4. The Netherlands

At €155 million, the 30 crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands might be in fourth place in Europe, but it isn’t a tenuous fourth place. The crowdfunding industry is very fragmented in this nation. It has growing support within the government, but it also has a lot of uncertainty. Many backers are waiting for this market to become more mature before exploring it further. If there is consistency that can be found, then there is a bright future for crowdfunding here.

Europe is seeing some incredible crowdfunding results, but it is the UK that is dominating the industry. Because of its maturity and variety, that will be a trend that may continue indefinitely.