The Essential Elements of a Successful Kickstarter Campaign


There are a lot of Kickstarter campaigns that fail. There are some that achieve their fundraising goals, but just as time is about to expire. Yet there are some companies and individuals who have used this crowdfunding platform to create a fundraising beast that pays off with millions of dollars raised. If you want the best chance to have a similar experience, then here’s what you need to do.

1. Know What You Want.

This really is the #1 issue that a campaign on Kickstarter needs to figure out. Products or ideas can’t be everything to everyone. Are you more concerned about raising awareness or raising money? When you have a clear path to follow where the end brings you to a goal that you want, then you’ll have a better chance of meeting that goal.

2. Test It Before You Do It.

Launching a campaign is virtually the last thing on the Kickstarter to-do list. Once you have your idea sorted out and you’re clear as to what it is you want to accomplish, then test out your ideas and concepts with a small portion of your target segments. If you get a positive response, then proceed with the campaign. If not, then tweak it and try again.

3. Be Prepared.

Running a Kickstarter campaign is a full-time job. Most people can’t add a full-time job to all of the tasks that they’re juggling already. If there isn’t internal staffing in place to handle the marketing or PR of the Kickstarter campaign, then outsource it. With more people involved, responses are better and there’s a better chance of awareness.

4. Give People a Good View.

Kickstarter isn’t a store, although it is often treated as such. People need to know what they’re investing into if you want their cash. A video that offers a full view of the prototype in action can help people to see if what you’ve got is something they’re going to want.

Creating a crowdfunding beast isn’t easy. It takes a lot of sweat equity, sacrifice, and a little bit of luck. The good news is that all of that hard work helps you create your own luck. Follow these steps and you’ll have a great chance to find success.