The Power of the Woman Angel Investor


One of the greatest investment sources that remains virtually untapped right now by entrepreneurs are women angels. The ranks of this investment demographic have more than doubled over the last few years and those that have utilized them have gone on to see some amazing gains. They are able to create more opportunities because women are in a power role in society. Women own and run more than half of all US wealth through their businesses.

Every business can utilize the experience of the female angel investor, but in order to do so, they must be willing to reach out. Some women who may be in a position to invest may choose not to do so. Others may not be aware of investment opportunities that exist. Here is how some businesses might be able to tap into the power of the woman angel.

1. By Putting Other Female Angels Into Visible Positions

Women who are wealthy tend to stay more in the background than in the foreground. When other investors see that women can be successful as an angel and turn some huge profits, they’ll be more willing to jump into the next opportunity that is going on.

2. By Starting Educational and Support Programs

Investing has typically been seen as a man’s world, so many women have simply avoided it because they feel like it is necessary. By educating women on how they can invest into new opportunities and by providing support programs for them during each stage of the process, more female angels will naturally become part of the business process.

3. By Including Precise Research

The average woman angel isn’t going to just invest money into an idea because she’s got a got feeling on it. She needs to have reliable data from research that shows how effective a return on an investment could be. This means having data on the subject of female angels and how they’ve been successful in addition to precise information about a specific investment opportunity.

Making the Most From Your Investments

It is also necessary to make sure that investment opportunities are available for the average woman angel. The most effective method of accomplishing this is through educational programs that can show women where the best opportunities for investments happen to be at any given time.

Having accredited platforms available for the average investors to first get started are also an essential part of the process. Most first-time investors generally have an idea of what needs to happen, but they want to have a bit of a backup plan available in case an investment goes sour. The information that is available on investment platforms can make this a reality in no time at all.

For women who might not be an accredited investor, but may have a little wealth to invest, crowdfunding provides the perfect outlet. Rewards-based crowdfunding is just one way that tangible gains can be achieved. Many jurisdictions allow for equity crowdfunding as well, creating a locked-in investment opportunity that can help women get involved in the angel world.

Angel investors are needed now more than ever. With women controlling half of the business wealth in the US, the woman angel is not an investor that can be ignored any more.