The Remarkable Science Behind Grounding & Its Effect On Our Health


Have We Lost Touch With The Earth?

Are we meant to spend more time physically connected to the earth’s surface? Did the invention of rubber-soled shoes contribute to our nation’s health issues? This is the hypothesis put forth by some researchers. It’s not just a hypothesis either, the positive health effects of grounding are well documented and backed by over 20 peer-reviewed studies. There are also countless testimonials from credible people who greatly benefited from grounding. Most doctors are taught to think that health issues are only treated with a pill or a needle. Sometimes it’s the simplest and cheapest cure that works the best for many people.

Over the last 70 years, our society has increasingly spent less time physically connected to the earth than ever before. With the invention of rubber-soled shoes, skyscrapers and automobiles, modern society has drastically changed its relationship with its connection with the earths surface. Before there were sneakers, most shoes had leather soles. When people’s feet sweat, it created a grounding effect. The reason this is important is that the earth’s surface carries a negative charge, and when we are grounded, it absorbs people’s excess positive charge.

Clint Ober

Clint Ober is a former telecommunication expert who realized the importance of grounding through his work. On a hunch, he wondered if rubber soles on our shoes were preventing people from discharging positive electrons. The earth is negatively charged and absorbs the overload we sometimes carry when grounded. When we don’t discharge the positive electrons, we develop inflammation. This inflammation negatively affects many different functions in our bodies. We are bioelectrical beings and there appears to be a profound connection to grounding our bodies and our health.

The Earthing Movie

“The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding” is directed by Sundance Award-Winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell (The Big Fix, FUEL, etc). This is a feature-length documentary based on their viral short film entitled ‘Down To Earth,’ that reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do…standing barefoot on the earth.

The winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Dances With Films Festival, the film shares the Tickell family’s journey with the healing power of grounding, aka earthing, and the people they met and learned from along the way; featuring grounding pioneer Clint Ober, author Deepak Chopra M.D., actress/activist Amy Smart, author/activist Mariel Hemingway, cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, renowned healer Dr Joseph Mercola, engineer and physicist Gaetan Chevalier, PhD. and many others.

Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have shown that Grounding (Earthing) reduces inflammation…one of the most damaging internal biological processes that leads to chronic disease. So get out there and put your feet on the ground, and/or increase your grounding time indoors with grounding products. Your body and mind will thank you! Read up on all the studies and research at

Dr. Mercola & Clint Ober Demonstrate Grounding

Dr. Mercola and Clint Ober demonstrate how grounding works. Using a grounding wire and a voltmeter bought from the local Radio Shack. For most people, it’s just not practical to spend the time needed to physically connect with the earth to feel the positive effect of grounding. We are too busy working and traveling to lay on the beach all day. Then there are seasonal issues. Most people are not going out to connect to the earth in colder climates. Fortunately, you do not need to actually go outside and touch the earth now. There are many new products including wearables that are used to ground now. I will leave a link below.

My Experience With Grounding

I have personally been grounding for almost a decade. I have a grounding pad under my computer keyboard and in my bed. I use the mattress cover grounding pad and the wrist wire in bed. I am very fortunate in that I do not have any health issues, (maybe in part because I ground so often) so I can’t say that grounding cured me of anything. I can say that I notice a significant difference in my sleep. When I ground at night I fall asleep much easier than if I don’t. I also feel more rested when grounding. I carry the wrist grounding set when I travel so now I always ground with no exception. One of the reasons I am so adamant about grounding is that I have seen the science behind it and all the credible testimonials. I approach the idea of grounding as a cheap and easy form of health insurance that I am unwilling to go without it. I am NOT a doctor and this is NOT medical advice. This information is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research and due diligence on any health therapy treatment. With that said, grounding or earthing is simply touching the ground with your bare feet, something that’s pretty normal.

Here is a link to the site I bought all my grounding equipment from.

There is another excellent film about grounding or earthing called Grounded, embedded below.