The Rioting Is Being Staged And Even Minnesota’s Governor Agrees, Says International Forces At Work


In the video above, Tim Pool breaks down the current situation with the riots and makes a compelling case on why they may be staged. Here is a summary of the events. George Floyd’s death triggered an unprecedented wave of protests, which have turned into riots across the different states in the U.S. Even though the police officer who was involved has been charged and arrested. However, the riots continued because protestors (rioters) are taking advantage of the unrest situation and looting numerous shops, smashing, and stealing goods from stores (1:00). Activist news organization Unicorn Riot and Daily Mail reported riots showing most of these people are white antifascists and trying to fuel the violence and taking advantage of the chaos (1:36). One of the videos shows a large number of bricks stacked up in front of the courthouse even though there were no signs of construction nearby, which raises the concern about the people who are involved in purposefully stacking up the bricks where riots were going on (3:00). As usual, Tim Pool does a great job breaking down the manufactured events being played out.

Police officer Jacob Pederson next to “Umbrella Man”

The Governor of Minnesota voiced his opinion. He blamed outside agitators that are coming in to cause harm and damage to the state, and the whole matter is being fueled purposefully by the external forces trying to destabilize civil society (3:31). One of the viral videos showing a man dressed in all black, (seen above) holding an umbrella walks in, out of nowhere having a hammer to smash the windows and leaves. People calling him the umbrella man and linking his connection to the police, whereas later on Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the denial statement by police for having any link with the mysterious umbrella man. Here is another video where someone confronts “umbrella man.” Another viral video is showing a group of black men, stopping young white anti-fascist protestors from the violence who came from outside the state to destroy black communities and burning their buildings (6:35). Mike Griffin also quoted in his tweet about the same scenario of organized burning of buildings of Black communities by white antifascist outsiders who later ran away by the residents of the building (7:23).

One of the strangest videos, published by Daily Dot, in which four children were dressed as national guard armor with shields at Atlanta protests, and the Daily Dot or none of the individuals on Twitter tried to fact check or verify the context of the video (16:42). Sending such footage to the reporters and letting them go viral, is creating a controversial image of cops and national guards about using children and making people lose their faith in police or government. Thus, such videos are becoming the reasons for uncertainty and chaos; hence people do not expect anything positive to happen from the government so they just do whatever they want. This may bring a whole new storm of chaos in the country that may potentially lead to a civil war. However, Pentagon has taken the step of putting the military on standby for possible deployment into Minneapolis (23:00).

Exploiting a national emergency like this is absolutely treasonous! So who is behind this organized effort to exacerbate these protest-riots? Maybe we should start by looking into the Antifa group, Alliance for Global Justice, funded by none other than George Soros.

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