The Secret to Dominating Kickstarter


When you create a crowdfunding campaign, you don’t just want to be another failure statistic. You want to get the cash you need to expand and grow. Instead of going through all of the typical rookie mistakes and growing pains, take these secrets to the bank and get the funding you need right away.

Secret #1: Be Simple

Don’t try to fund your entire business model for the next 5 years. Take one budget line and get the funding you need for that. Fewer choices means less confusion. Less confusion means a better chance for investments to occur. A confused backer is one that won’t send you money.

Secret #2: Go Low

No one wants to support a loser. By setting the campaign goals low initially, you can create a circumstance where everyone feels like a winner. You can always set stretch goals after you’ve achieved the initial fundraising goal.

Secret #3: Tell a Unique Story

The story about your idea resounds more than the idea itself. By making the story relate in a unique way, you’ll tap into a sense of loyalty because you’re building relationships. Don’t talk about yourself in an egotistical way. Let people be in a positive space.

Secret #4: It’s Not About You

Kickstarter isn’t about equity. It’s about ecommerce. You’ve got to provide a solid product and then follow through on that product so that you build a good reputation. If you make your campaign about you instead of your customers, you’ll find yourself with a failed campaign and $0 to show for it.

Secret #5: Get Noticed

Personalized support is the key to get people involved. It’s also the only way to really get featured on the home page of Kickstarter. Get everyone you know or who has ever supported you, create a personal message of support, and then prepare for the big bursts of traffic you’ll need. It will be a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Secret #6: Analytics

The data that you receive from Kickstarter can help you, but only if you pay attention to it. Go through campaigns that are similar to yours, find out what works, what didn’t, and implement the best ideas that you find. Don’t forget to use off-site tracking data for even more data gold to mine.

Secret #7: Be Passionate

You should be passionate about your ideas on Kickstarter – after all, that’s why you want to create a campaign, right? You also need to be passionate about the people who support you. Respond to the questions you get immediately. Prepare to spend full-time hours supporting your crowdfunding campaign to meet the needs that people have. Respond to changes quickly to encourage even more of a response.

Secret #8: Cross-promote

There are countless projects on Kickstarter at any given time. Look for projects that are in a similar field, but not providing a similar service to your campaign. Together you can share each others’ leads, backers, and ultimately create relationship brands. Don’t kill your backers with a ton of advertisements, but do give them cross-promotion value that can build up relationships for the long-term.