Vital Crowdfunding Strategy Tips


All entrepreneurs have a certain vision for their project. Inspiration can be found whenever someone is able to create a success story through crowdfunding. We hear stories of people who want to make a few thousand dollars and wind up with over $1 million in capital to use and this gets us excited. We see stories about potato salad making tens of thousands of dollars and we want a piece of the action. This is how you can get in and get a taste of the action with your next venture.

1. Just Publish the Facts

It’s really easy to talk about how awesome we all are, but we don’t raise capital based on our awesomeness alone. A venture needs to publish facts that will get people interested in an idea so that they’ll want to become backers. Many crowdfunding supporters seem to prefer a project that has gone through a third-party qualification process more than a professional marketer’s creative process.

2. There Needs to Be a Certain Level of Social Proof

Even the humans who prefer not to engage in social activities want to see a social proof of concept before investing into something. It’s a simple mindset: if everybody else is doing it, then I might as well do it too. To get a crowdfunding venture successfully started, it is important to penetrate every prospect’s personal networks so that when one person jumps off the investment cliff, all of the other lemmings will want to follow behind.

3. Creativity Might Be Your Most Important Asset

Your next venture must be 100% creative in order for it to be successful. Your next crowdfunding campaign must also be 100% creative in order for it to be memorable. With thousands of campaigns available on every platform for crowdfunding, there is a lot of white noise that backers hear every day. You’ve got to stand out above the noise and attract attention every day in order to become one of the success stories instead of one of the failures.

4. Let Prospects Take Pleasure in the Fact That They Are Investing in Your Venture

Most people don’t like to spend money on something without a guarantee. This is especially true with investments, where most people will want to test the waters first before jumping in completely with all of their money. The best performing crowdfunding projects set lower requirements for investment and this naturally shows a higher value in the end product. It also allows more people to comfortably invest and feel like they’ve got some skin in the game.

5. Be Authentic

To obtain great rewards, the entrepreneur must take on some great risks. When we take on risk of this magnitude, it’s easy to put up a shield and pretend to be something that we’re not. Backers don’t want to see an entrepreneur that is wearing a mask. They want to see who the entrepreneur is behind the mask. If you don’t wear a mask in the first place, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Your next venture idea can find success when these crowdfunding strategies are adopted. Incorporate them today so that tomorrow’s great idea can become your next success story.